I’m doing Master’s in Computer Science at SUNY Bighamton (May 2018 expected). I’ve done Bachelor’s in Engineering in Information Technology from Pune Institute of Computer Technology, University of Pune (2013). Never thought I’ll be proud of it.

My Setup

I use Ubuntu as my primary OS. I’ve tried Debian, Arch & Mint (don’t judge me), but none of them gave me a solid combination of stability, regular updates and simplicity.

I use zsh + tmux (because nothing beats that combo) and vim as my primary only text editor. I primarly code in Python, Go for serious projects, although I have plenty of experience with C, JavaScript. I’ve dabbled with Clojure. I try to explore new languages sometimes.

I have a Moto X (2nd Gen), which runs Android Marshmallow and is rooted (because why wouldn’t you?!). I avoid using my phone as much as possible by mostly reading Sci-Fi, Comics and occasionally some Crime-Mystery novels on my Kindle Touch.

I’m virtually known as decached. Find me on Twitter, Quora, GitHub, LinkedIn or let’s io@decached.com

I also have a personal blog kothawale.com