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Watch Two March Madness Games at Once on Android TV and Fire TV

March Madness is in full effect and you’re not sure which games to watch? You can now watch two March Madness games at once with the help of a new service, but does it work like expected on Android TV and FireStick? I tested this out recently.

The “2021 march madness” is a way to watch two March Madness games at once on Android TV and Fire TV. This feature has been available for a while, but it’s still worth mentioning because it’s such a cool feature.

With March Madness upon us, the different NCAA applications are being upgraded, and it seems that Android TV and Fire TV devices will acquire one key feature in particular: the option to watch several games on the same device.


With so many games happening in such a short amount of time, having access to more than one game at a time is a huge plus. However, up until today, Apple TV was the only way to get this. However, this looks to be changing, as the National Collegiate Athletic Association has announced that Android TV and Fire TV viewers will soon be able to watch two games simultaneously.

Despite the fact that this has already been publicized, it seems that the March Madness website has yet to be updated with the new information. At least from an Android TV standpoint, since the NCAA’s help page on viewing several games at once only mentions Apple TV and Fire TV. Furthermore, the app’s Android version was just upgraded, however the changelog does not mention the new multiple game capabilities. The NCAA, on the other hand, has announced the feature’s expansion, so there should be no problems come game time.


It’s a step forward, but it’s not the only one.

March madness streamingNew features for March Madness

While this is excellent news for college basketball fans who want to watch games on an Android TV or Fire TV device, it does not bring Google and Amazon’s platforms up to Apple’s standards. Apple TV customers, for example, would be able to stream up to four games at once. Furthermore, it seems that this may not be accessible throughout the tournament, since the statement states that multiple game support would be available “during specified intervals.”

On the plus side, the ability to play numerous games isn’t the only new feature. According to the release, a new “The Catch-Up” option (provided by AT&T TV) would be available, allowing anyone tuning in after a game has begun to obtain a quick video explanation of what has occurred so far.

Fast Break, Bracket Integrations, Path to Championship, and near game warnings are some of the other new and recurring features that spectators can expect.

Make sure you have the newest version of the NCAA March Madness Live app downloaded from the Google Play Store for Android TV users and Amazon’s App Store for Fire TV device owners to ensure you don’t miss any of the March Madness action.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you watch multiple games on March Madness app?

A: You can watch multiple games on the March Madness app, but only if they are from different schools. For example, you could have a Michigan State vs Arizona game and a North Carolina vs Purdue game simultaneously playing in your device

How can I watch March Madness Multiview?

A: March Madness Multiview is a NCAA Tournament game that consists of four games being played at the same time. To watch this, you can either tune to your local station or check out our channel on YouTube

How many games can you watch on the March Madness app?

A: This varies by device. On a PS4, you can watch up to 12 games at once and on an Xbox One, the limit is 5 games.

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