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Introducing The 12th Gen Intel Core Mobile Processors

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The 12th Gen Intel Core mobile processors are Intel’s latest line of processors that offer incredible performance for laptops and ultrabooks. Featuring Intel’s latest Xe graphics architecture, these processors provide a powerful graphics solution for gaming and other graphics-intensive activities. They are also optimised for battery life and support Intel Wi-Fi 6 and Thunderbolt 4 technologies, making them perfect for those who want the best performance possible while on the go.

12th Gen Intel Core Mobile Processors

The 12th Gen Intel® Core™ mobile processor family is designed to push the boundaries of what fanless mobile devices can accomplish. It’s the first mobile processor based on Intel’s new 10nm process technology for U-series processors. As a result, it brings more capabilities to keep up with users’ demands for speed and performance, from everyday tasks to intense gaming. In addition, the 12th Gen Intel Core processors deliver great battery life and support stunning experiences with small fanless designs.

This revolutionary processor family features:

  • Up to 8 cores and 16 threads in a 15W envelope
  • Up to 4.8 GHz single core turbo frequency
  • Integrated Iris Xe graphics with 50 percent higher performance than 11th Gen Intel Core processors
  • Improved AI / ML capabilities for deeper insights and faster analysis
  • Thunderbolt™ 4 support for data transfer speeds up to 40 Gb/s
  • Wi-Fi 6 (Gig+) support for enhanced connectivity, streaming, and download speeds
  • Increased storage speed with Universal Memory (Optane H20) support
  • Modern CPU power efficiency with Adaptix Architecture adjustment across cores based on workload

Benefits of The 12th Gen Intel Core Mobile Processors

The 12th Gen Intel® Core™ mobile processors are the latest media-rich and power-efficient chips for notebooks, netbooks and other mobile computing devices. With support for up to four cores and eight threads, these Intel Core mobile processors deliver significant improvements in performance and media playback over their predecessors. As well as faster processing speeds, features of the 12th Gen Intel Core mobile processors include better energy efficiency, faster graphics rendering and more detailed video streaming with smooth playback capabilities.

Aside from increased speed and improved performance, additional benefits of the 12th Gen Intel Core mobile processors are enhanced battery life through advanced power management features. The new workload acceleration engines present when using these chips provide quicker working times; while the optimised graphics processor allows for a seamless gaming experience on compatible devices. With this generation of Intel Core mobile processors, multitasking is easier than ever with quick access to applications via integrated resources that can handle multiple tasks simultaneously.

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Technical Specifications

The 12th Gen Intel Core mobile processors are the most advanced and powerful mobile processor line Intel has released to date. This processor series is built to provide users maximum performance, reliability, and battery life. It also supports next-generation technologies, such as Thunderbolt 4, Wi-Fi 6, and AI-accelerated applications.

In this section, let’s look at the technical specifications of the 12th Gen Intel Core mobile processors.

Core Counts

The 12th generation Core processors come in various options, making it easy to find the right processor for any project. With choices ranging from 2 cores (2C) up to 6 cores (6C) and optional 8/10 core models, there is a processor for everyone’s needs.

The Core i9-11900 family comes in 3 SKUs with different core counts, the highest performing Intel Core i9-11900KF has 6 cores while the 14nm based Intel Core i7-11700KF and the 12 nm based Intel Core i5-11400 are both 4 core/8 thread processors. The 4C/8T parts offer better energy efficiency and should be considered when coupled performance is more important than sheer CPU power. And then there are also dual-core variants, such as the Intel Pentium Gold G6400T, which fill out the entry-level of our desktop portfolio at an accessible price point.

Whether you need superior productivity thanks to increased parallelism or workstation performance at the highest frequencies, these processors offer an unprecedented level of performance tuning enabling higher levels of professional trustworthiness and personalization from entry level systems up to enthusiast builds. With such a diverse range of offerings, you can find an appropriate processor for any application or task that comes your way!

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Clock Speeds

The clock speed of a processor is measured in gigahertz (GHz) and reflects how many operations the processor can perform in one second. The higher the clock speed, the faster the operation. Intel’s 12th Gen Intel Core mobile processors leverage multiple core and thread combinations to deliver versatile performance, capability and power efficiency levels that range from 2.0 GHz to 5.3 GHz maximum turbo frequency.

Additionally, with Intel’s new Intelligent Performance capabilities powered by AI you can boost peak performance when you need it with no performance penalty later on when you don’t! Thanks to technologies like:

  • Deep Learning Push Button Boost, which maximises application responsiveness with dynamic adjustments of system voltage and frequency based on user workload;
  • Thermal Velocity Boost that increases clock speeds up to 200MHz for single threaded workloads when temperatures are just right; and
  • Burst Enabled Performance that doubles the frequency of single cores running lightly threaded applications – these 12th Gen Intel Core Mobile processors will keep your daily tasks running smoothly and quickly!

Graphics Performance

The 12th Gen Intel Core mobile processors are designed to deliver optimal gaming and content creation capabilities at thin and light form factors. Leveraging Intel’s Advanced Media Accelerator (Intel AMA) technology, these CPUs provide enhanced graphics performance for ultra-fast streaming and playability of real-world game settings.

These advanced graphics capabilities are driven by 96 EUs on the 11th Gen Intel Core vPro processor, providing up to 1 TFLOPS of power – more than enough for next-generation games, 3D realistic scenes, and HD video/graphic workflows. This equates to a 2x graphics performance boost over the previous 7th Gen Mobile Processor Family. In addition, this CPU includes support for high-definition AV1 decode acceleration on Windows 10 PCs, allowing content providers to bring 4k HDR streamed media with better compression efficiency than traditional encoding formats such as H.264 or HEVC.

The 12th Gen Intel Core vPro processor delivers exceptional gaming experience through integrated HW acceleration for popular APIs such as DirectX 12 Ultimate (DX12U), Vulkan 1.2, OpenCL 2.X, Ashlang/Metal 2, etc., boosting framerate in games by up to 22% when compared with the prior generations*. Additionally, for content creators needing top-of-the-line graphic performance even in laptop form factor designs, the 11th Generation Mobile Processors offer powerful AI accelerated algorithms for deep learning applications that enhance image quality significantly. This includes upscaling low resolution images or videos into higher resolutions while preserving fine details and colour information such as facial features or textures of objects within these images or videos – all while consuming significantly less power than traditional processors running non AI optimised codes like scalar operations or matrix computation algorithms commonly seen in deep learning training applications.

Power Efficiency

The new 12th Gen Intel Core mobile processors offer improved power efficiency, allowing for a smaller form factor for the same level of performance. These advanced processors use up to 19% less power than their predecessors, allowing for greater performance within the same power envelope. Intel also incorporated more powerful and ruggedized transistors that require less energy during operation, but still provide robust performance when needed.

Furthermore, these Whiskey Lake and Comet Lake processors employ dynamic voltage frequency scaling and idle state technologies, reducing power draw while providing optimal performance at all times. This combination of increased efficiency technologies produces a processor capable of delivering robust performance without sacrificing battery life or reliability.


The 12th Gen Intel Core mobile processors offer impressive performance boosts over previous generations. With up to five cores and integration of Intel Hyper-Threading technology, they offer improved speed and responsiveness across applications.

The updated Intel Xe graphics core also supports new features such as DirectX 12 Ultimate and Intel Adaptive Sync technology, making them ideal for gaming and other graphics-intensive tasks.

Single-threaded Performance

Single-threaded performance is an important metric for computing tasks and measures the amount of work the processor can complete in one single cycle. The 12th Gen Intel Core mobile processors provide a significant leap in performance over its predecessor, with up to 20 percent faster frequency. This means tasks will be able to run faster, allowing for seamless multitasking and improved gaming experiences.

Intel has also added new instructions which further enhance the platform’s overall single-threaded performance. In addition, the advanced architecture combines with Turbo Boost 3.0 technology, allowing you to experience even faster speeds on demand while gaming or performing content creation tasks such as video editing, video animation, or animation production.

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Multi-Threaded Performance

The 12th Gen Intel Core mobile processors offer multi-threaded performance, allowing simultaneous tasks to be processed more quickly and efficiently than ever before. With increased parallelism capabilities, the latest Intel Core processors are designed to yield high performance for gaming, photo and video editing, streaming, and other activities that can benefit from more cores and threads.

These new chips take advantage of advanced features like Intel Hyper-Threading Technology, allowing each core to process multiple threads simultaneously. This helps boost system performance by enabling multiple simultaneous computing tasks to be processed on each CPU core. Additionally, the latest generation of Intel Core products feature improved single-threaded processing speeds with data and instruction sharing across the core borders for better system responsiveness in day-to-day operations.

For workloads that require highly parallel computing tasks such as rendering graphics intensive workloads or facial recognition in AI scenarios, these powerful CPUs also offer improved processor frequency with Turbo Boost Max 3.0 technology and enhanced energy efficiency with new Dynamic Tuning technology which enables systems to adapt and respond based on usage patterns while maintaining optimal power consumption profiles.

Overall, the 12th Generation Intel Core mobile processors offer a unique combination of multi-threaded performance benefits plus energy efficiency enhancements that make them ideal candidates for use in demanding applications like gaming or streaming media content on small form factor devices such as laptops or tablets.

Gaming Performance

Intel’s 12th generation Core mobile processors are not only powerful enough for content creation, but they deliver amazing gaming performance as well. The new series of processors offer higher clock speeds, improved turbo frequency capabilities and more cores than ever before – with up to 10 cores on select models. With such an impressive list of features and the latest Intel® UHD Graphics or Intel® Iris® Plus graphics options, gamers can now enjoy a top-tier system that has the power to run the latest titles and play games at maximum settings.

Intel’s new series of processors also ensures great multitasking performance, allowing gamers to stream video while they game or play while they chat. And with support for up to DDR4-2933 memory and Intel® Optane™ memory H20 combined with QLC 3D NAND storage technology, gamers can now be part of a more immersive gaming experience with even faster load times for their favourite titles. And when it comes to battery life, 12th Gen Intel Core mobile processors are marked by improved energy efficiency thanks to their architecture design optimised for mobility – providing more time for gaming.

Final Thoughts on The 12th Gen Intel Core Mobile Processors

The 12th Gen Intel Core mobile processors provide a host of new features and functionality that make them ideal for today’s computing and gaming needs. In addition, they are built with Intel’s latest manufacturing process, allowing them to provide improved performance and extended battery life while reducing their power requirements. With the ever increasing demand for performance laptops and gaming notebooks, the 12th Gen is set to revolutionise the future of mobile computing.

The 12th Gen processors come with a range of hardware capabilities that users can take advantage of, such as enhanced AI responsiveness, support for faster Wi-Fi speeds and an integrated Thunderbolt 4 port for reliable data transfer speeds up to 40Gbps. All this is combined with Intel’s security technologies which will help keep users secure against potential threats. In addition, Intel’s Optane memory technology also supports faster boot times and improved responsiveness on select apps, furthering their appeal.

Overall, the 12th Gen Intel Core mobile Processors provide a much-needed boost in performance while still keeping power consumption down to greater aid battery life. This is certainly one processor to consider for those who are after more from their laptop or gaming notebook than ever before.

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