Akash Kothawale

Facebook on Terminal

A command line interface for Facebook to

  • Check notifications
  • Check who’s online
  • Post a status
  • Check unread messages

Installation & Configuration

  • Install: $ pip install fbterminal

  • Configure:
    • Go to Facebook Developers and create a new app
    • Add App Name of your choice
    • Deselect Web hosting (You won’t be needing that)
    • In App Domains put localhost
    • Select Website with Facebook Login
    • In Site URL put http://localhost:7777/ (Make sure no apps are running on port 7777)
    • Save the changes
    • Copy the APP ID and APP SECRET to ~/.fbterminal
  • Run: $ fbterminal -p "Hello World"


This is MIT with no added caveats, so feel free to use without a disclaimer or anything silly like that.

All About Life

Its not about the hard work that you do, as donkeys do no less,
Its about the knowledge that you gain, That separates you from the rest!

Its not about what you eat, I know chicken tastes better than rice,
Its about your mom’s love, That makes you feel like paradise!

Its not about how u see, As vision matters more than your eyes,
Its about how you distinguish, The truths and the lies!

Its not about whom you love, As dogs are found everywhere,
Its about the heart you have, That tells you to care!

Its not about the friendship you share, There are many roaming around,
Its about the TRUST, Thats gives meaning to your life once found!

Its not about those who are gone, They were meant to go,
Its all about the love, And the respect that you still show!

Could there ever be?

Could there be a day, when all my sins run away, I fly all directions, like a sun ray!

Could there be a day, when I’ll have a second’s breath, to cover my sorrows, with a knurling Wreath!

Could there be a day, when I’ll be free from weeds, the ones which have grown, as results of my Good deeds!

Could there be a day, when I stand above all, limit myself, and the time I waste to crawl!

Could there be a day, when our frequencies match all far, it cherishes, and heals my scar!

Could there be a day, when I’ll avail all facilities, the day when I cross, all the adamantine walls of difficulties!