There are many reasons why you might want to delete a Twitch video and they will vary depending on your personal preferences. Let’s go over some of the most common ones.

The “twitch you are not authorized to delete this video” is a message that appears when the user tries to delete a Twitch video. This is because of the way Twitch handles videos, and how it stores them on its servers. The only way for users to remove their videos from Twitch would be to contact customer support.

Why can't I delete Twitch videos?


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13th of December, 2021

Originally published: August 2019

  • Twitch is a fantastic live streaming platform that allows you to make and watch high-quality video.
  • Although it is normally quite robust and can sustain hours of uninterrupted material, some broadcasters have recently noticed a problem.
  • If you are unable to erase previous broadcasts from the platform, be aware that there are a few simple solutions available.
  • Instructions on how to clear your cache and cookies, switch browsers, and check whether your video includes aired highlights may be found below.


When it comes to streaming games (or any other) live content these days, Twitch is the most popular site. For both channel handlers a.k.a. streamers and watchers, the use is smooth and easy. However, several broadcasters have lately encountered the issue of being unable to erase previous broadcasts for unknown reasons. When they try to delete the video, they receive a Twitch error.

You can view prior broadcasts and save clips as highlights, which you can then remove later. On the other side, one Twitch broadcaster published the following on the official subreddit:

I received news that I am taking part in a test, and now I am unable to erase previous broadcasts. Nothing occurs when I press the confirmation button.

To resolve the issue, follow the steps outlined below.

Why can’t I erase my Twitch broadcasts?

1. Delete the cache and cookies in your browser.

Chrome and Mozilla are two of the most used browsers.

  1. To access the “Clear browsing data” option, press Shift + Ctrl + Delete.
  2. As the time range, choose “All time.”
  3. Pay special attention to removing ‘Cookies,’ ‘Cached Images and Files,’ and other site data.
  4. Select the Clear Data option.Why-cant-I-delete-Twitch-videos

Microsoft Edge is a browser developed by Microsoft.

  1. Open Edge.
  2. Hold down Ctrl + Shift + Delete.
  3. After you’ve checked all of the boxes, click Clear.

2. Double-check that you’re not attempting to remove any highlights from a broadcast.

  1. Make sure the video you’re seeking to remove doesn’t include any broadcast highlights. If that’s the case, make a point of deleting them from the Video Manager area first. To go to it, click here.1639416347_191_Why-cant-I-delete-Twitch-videos
  2. After you’ve eliminated all of the highlights, try removing the video again, and hopefully the Twitch issue won’t display.

3. Delete clips using a different browser or using the Manager page.

  1. Alternatively, try logging into your Twitch account using a different browser. The web-based client is the only method to erase your videos, so keep trying until you succeed. Opera is a privacy-focused browser with fast speeds and a contemporary, intuitive user interface that we strongly recommend.
  2. Furthermore, there seems to be a glitch with the VoD area, as some users have been unable to remove movies from there. You should go to the Video Manager area and remove the videos there.1639416347_191_Why-cant-I-delete-Twitch-videos

With that stated, we may call this essay to a close. Hopefully, the aforementioned procedures helped you repair the Twitch problem while uninstalling the video. Please let us know if you have any questions or recommendations in the comments area below.

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what is twitch tv” is a question that has been asked many times. The answer to the question, is “Twitch is an online service for video games that allows users to broadcast and watch live streams.”

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I delete videos off of twitch?

A: You can delete videos off of twitch by going to your settings and then deleting or archiving them.

How do you delete videos on Twitch 2020?

A: To delete a stream, you will need to go into the Settings menu on Twitch for that specific channel and then click on Deactivate this Channel. This will remove all videos from your account.

How do you delete videos on Twitch 2021?

A: To delete videos on Twitch, the user is required to open up the settings menu and look for Watch History. Once theyve found it, they will be able to choose which of their saved broadcasts they want deleted. The video files can also usually be deleted manually in a similar manner.

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