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How to record web browser actions and macros in Chrome

Chrome offers an easy way to record your browser actions and macros. This is useful for many reasons, such as creating short screencasts or collecting data from various screens of a web app you’re testing.,

The “chromium browser automation” is a feature that allows users to record web browser actions and macros in Chrome. The feature can be found under the “Settings,” then “Advanced,” and finally the “Record.”


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This page was last updated on November 17, 2021.

Publish date: August 2020

  • The actions of a web browser may be captured for use in a presentation (screen recording) or for interaction (interaction recording) (macros).
  • This post will teach you how to utilize various tools to accomplish both goals.
  • Use our Chrome guides area to get the most out of your Chrome browser if you use it as your primary browser.
  • Because we’ve covered the most popular browser, you may go to the Google Chrome Hub.


You should use a better browser instead of resolving difficulties with Chrome: Opera You are entitled to a better browser! Every day, 350 million people use Opera, a full-featured navigation experience with a variety of built-in packages, reduced resource use, and a beautiful look. Here are some examples of what Opera can do:

  • Simple migration: transfer existing data, such as bookmarks, passwords, and so on, using the Opera helper.
  • Resource optimization: your RAM memory is utilized more effectively than Chrome’s.
  • Increased privacy: a free and unlimited VPN is included.
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  • Opera may be downloaded here.

Macro-recording capabilities are available in a variety of office suites, allowing users to record a succession of chosen choices and activities inside the apps. You could, for example, create a macro that inserts page numbers and a header into a document. The macro may then be used to apply the same page template to many documents by repeating it.

Macro capabilities haven’t been generally integrated into alternative applications outside of office suites. As a result, no built-in macro choices are available in Google Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Edge, or other browsers.

Browser macro-recording features would be quite useful. Instead than going through bookmarks and accessing each site individually, you might use them to create macros that open a set of sites.

Alternatively, you might create macros to log into websites or play YouTube videos. Alertsite and Ipswitch have created Chrome extensions that record online browser activities since Google and co. haven’t offered macro options to their browsers. This is how you can use DéjàClick and iMacros to create macros.

In Chrome, how can I record the screen and macros?

  1. Using a third-party service to record the screen
  2. Using DéjàClick to Record Macros
  3. Using iMacros to Record Macros

1.Audio/Video Recording Screen with Third-Party Software

Do you want to produce a visually appealing presentation? You may utilize screen recorder software to assist you in developing useful instructions for your audience.

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Whether you need to record your desktop for a lesson or display a basic step-by-step method, you’ll be done in minutes with such useful apps.

As a result, if you need to make video recordings on your PC quickly and efficiently, the safest option is to use the finest screen recorder software for Windows 10.

2. Using DéjàClick to Record Macros

DéjàClick is a Chrome and Firefox plugin that allows you to record your browsing sessions and produce web scripts. By viewing this website and clicking the + Add to Chrome button, you may add it to Chrome.

  1. You should see a DéjàClick for Chrome button on the browser’s toolbar after you’ve installed the extension. To open the sidebar in the screenshot below, click that button.How-to-record-web-browser-actions-and-macros-in-Chrome
  2. Enter ‘chrome:/extensions’ into the browser’s URL bar, hit Return, then choose DéjàClick’s Allow in incognito option before starting to record a macro. Simulate New User is enabled, which guarantees that macros are recorded without cookies.
  3. Now, on the DéjàClick for Chrome window, hit the Begin recording button.
  4. Then, in two Chrome tabs, open Bing and Google.
  5. Stop/replay the recording by pressing the Stop/replay button. You’ve recorded a script that opens Bing and Google in two different page tabs, and it’s included in the DéjàClick window, as seen below.1637169053_28_How-to-record-web-browser-actions-and-macros-in-Chrome
  6. Press the Begin playback button after closing the Google and Bing page windows. This activates the macro, which launches Chrome with Google and Bing.
  7. Click the Save your recording as script button to save the macro. After that, give it a title and hit the Save button.
  8. You may access any stored macro by using the Open a recorded script button.
  9. To change the macro playback speed, go to the Properties tab and choose Replay Timings from the drop-down menu.1637169055_30_How-to-record-web-browser-actions-and-macros-in-Chrome
  10. You may choose Faster from the drop-down selection for Replay speed.

3. Using iMacros to Record Macros

IMacros is a similar plugin to DéjàClick that allows you to record Chrome macros. To add the extension to Google Chrome, go to this iMacros page.

  1. Then, as seen in the screenshot below, click the iMacros button in Chrome’s toolbar to open the extension’s window.1637169056_419_How-to-record-web-browser-actions-and-macros-in-Chrome
  2. To open the Save macro as a window, use the Save As & Close button. After that, you may give the macro a name.
  3. To play the macro, go to the Bookmarks tab, pick it, then go to the Play tab and hit the Play Macro button.
  4. To play the macro a particular amount of times, use the Play Loop button. To control how many times the macro loops, enter a number in the Max box.
  5. It’s worth noting that iMacros contains several sample macros for you to test. To see a list of recorded macros, go to the Bookmarks page and choose Demo-Chrome.
  6. Right-clicking the macros will bring up the context menu displayed in the image below. Then you have the ability to create new folders, alter macros, and delete them.



Two of the greatest macro-recording extensions for Google Chrome, Firefox, and Internet Explorer are DéjàClick and iMacros. You may use those extensions to create macros that open a set of websites, fill out forms, search for keywords, fill out website log in fields, and much more! Some of the applications listed in this article may also be used to record macros for Windows.

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The “how to create a macro in chrome” is a tutorial that explains how to record your browser actions and macros. The article will show you the steps needed to create a macro.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I automate browser actions in Chrome?

A: This is a great question. You can automate many actions in Chrome by using the Start an Automation tool under Preferences on your browser toolbar and then clicking one of the tasks that you want to perform automatically.。

How do I monitor Chrome activity?

A: You can monitor your Chrome activity by going to chrome://history.

How do I use iMacros in Chrome?

A: You can use iMacros in Chrome by visiting the following URL.

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