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Homa Games – One of the Fastest-Growing Mobile Gaming Startups in Europe

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Homa Games is a mobile gaming startup that recently caught the attention of the European gaming industry by raising $50 million in their Series A funding. This marks the beginning of their journey to become one of Europe’s fastest-growing mobile gaming startups.

Homa Games is based in Barcelona, Spain and is looking to expand their global reach. In this article, we will be taking a closer look at Homa Games, their Series A funding, and their plans for the future.

Overview of Homa Games

Homa Games is one of the fastest-growing mobile gaming startups in Europe. Founded in 2019, they develop and publish games on different mobile platforms such as iOS, Android, and Amazon. Their goal is to provide gamers a unique and engaging gaming experience worldwide.

The company was founded by three entrepreneurs in Berlin with a shared vision to create a fresh gaming experience that reflects the values of their players – passion, curiosity and ambition. They understand the need to keep players’ interests alive by consistently creating content that stands out, inspiring gamers to explore different play styles.

Their active portfolio includes 15 titles spanning genres such as strategy empires, inner blockbusters, strategic puzzle games and quiz games with millions of downloads between all platforms. All these titles have been selected for their unique characters and stories available for everyone to enjoy no matter what type of player one might be.

The team at Homa Games believes in working with talented creators worldwide who can provide an authentic experience that speaks to our community’s needs and interests. As one of Europe’s top mobile publishers they put emphasis on creating evergreen experiences that remain relevant no matter what device you’re playing on or how long you have been playing games; each title is designed thoughtfully within their doctrine to hit every possible corner including art design & style as well as social interactions which become part of an always-evolving framework designed by game designers & developers whose way exceeds any expectation put upon them; simply because they always think outside the box when it comes down designing new content or giving feedback on how an existing title can benefit from creative improvements not often seen elsewhere; these efforts result into truly non generic experiences tailored to fit specific audiences across continents & ages alike putting Homa Games at place distinction among peers located inside our reference market area; also making us very easily recognisable whenever walking into one our events or attending fairs around Europe we get applause when people recognise us from our portfolio due its innovative style we bring out any time we develop new titles or updating then along side updates done yearly across multiple stores – this make us strong contenders within our sector defying gender stereotypes related but nowhere near limited -to gaming industry: HOMA GAMES means innovation towards fantastic experiences easy for anyone willing to give them a go!

Overview of the mobile gaming industry

The mobile gaming sector has experienced explosive growth in recent years due to the surge of smartphones and tablets in the consumer market. As a result, games designed for these devices have become some of the most popular forms of entertainment today. In 2020, the global market for mobile gaming was estimated to be worth more than $100 billion by Statista.

Most of this revenue came from mobile-first or -only games like Supercell’s Clash Royale, Tencent’s PUBG Mobile, and King Digital Entertainment’s Candy Crush Saga. In addition to these titles, various new genres have emerged as content creators try to capture larger audiences with games that feature different styles and experiences. From battle royale FPSs such as Call of Duty Mobile, to tycoon simulators such as The Simpsons: Tapped Out, the sheer variety available is unprecedented.

The success of mobile gaming has also attracted console developers such as Nintendo and Microsoft who are now creating ports of their biggest titles for iOS and Android devices. With support from major companies like these, it is clear that the future of gaming will continue to move towards smaller screens!

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Mobile gaming startup Homa Games raises $50 million

Homa Games, one of Europe’s fastest-growing mobile gaming startups, has made headlines after raising $50 million in a recent investment round. The company, founded in 2019, has experienced unprecedented growth in the last two years.

Let’s take a closer look at the impressive growth of this mobile gaming startup.

Overview of Homa Games’ recent fundraising

Homa Games, one of the fastest-growing mobile gaming startups in Europe and the world, has recently secured a new round of funding with a major strategic investor. The company was founded in 2016 and has shown rapid growth over the past year with 10x increase in revenues.

The recent fundraising includes leading investors such as DEV, Technology Crossover Ventures (TCV) and Makers Fund. The total amount of money raised exceeds $200 million (€175 million). This amount will be used to increase production capacity, create new products and offer market exclusives on games developed by Homa Games.

Furthermore, there are plans for strategic partnerships that will open up even more markets to Homa Games. The company already holds significant market share in key markets such as the USA, UK and other European countries. With this additional funding, the company is confident it will continue expanding its presence in those markets and break into new ones.

Homa Games’ CEO & Founder Egemen Aburek stated “We are thrilled to have closed this financing round with two top-notch investors at our side. With their support we can confidently forge ahead into our next growth phase and significantly build on our success so far.” He further commented “This funding allows us to move faster than ever before to produce games increasingly tailored towards the end user – enhancing their gaming experience.”

How Homa Games has grown since its founding

Homa Games has experienced explosive growth since it was founded in August 2018. It is now one of Europe’s top independent gaming companies, with a presence in more than 120 countries and millions of monthly mobile gaming players. The company’s success is attributed to its unique approach to the mobile gaming market.

Homa Games takes an analytical approach to creating games that are both entertaining and generate revenue for shareholders. Each game created by Homa Games must meet two key criteria: quality and potential for monetization. Quality continues to lead all decisions, responding directly to customer demands. The development team also relies heavily on sophisticated analytics to ensure that each title follows market trends and can be monetized at a high level over time.

The analytics-based approach has paid off, leading Homa Games’ explosive growth since its founding. The team quickly grew from a small startup studio into a large enterprise thanks to their ability to develop top-selling IAP games within weeks or months rather than years. The team’s quick response time and uniquely designed titles have earned them success with players worldwide and positioned them as one of Europe’s top independent gaming companies in 2020–21.

The impact of Homa Games’ growth on the mobile gaming industry

Homa Games has become one of the fastest-growing mobile gaming startups in Europe, positioning itself as a leader and innovator in the market. The company’s rapid growth has significantly impacted the mobile gaming industry, both positively and negatively.

Homa Games’ success has highlighted that a large audience is eager for new fresh games on mobile platforms. It has also helped to draw more investment into the market and validated its potential as an emerging sector with solid ROI potential for those with innovative ideas.

On the negative side, Homa Games’ explosive growth has created higher barriers to entry for newcomers in terms of competition from well-resourced established players like Homa Games. However, it also highlights how essential it is for startups to remain agile and responsive in today’s competitive environment.

Ultimately, Homa Games has redefined what is possible within the limits of mobile gaming and its expansion will likely spur further innovation across the industry over time.

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Homa Games’ Business Model

Homa Games is a mobile gaming startup based in Spain that has become one of Europe’s most successful mobile gaming companies. It has raised $50 million in funding and is making waves in the gaming industry.

This article will look at what makes Homa Games successful, particularly their unique business model.

Overview of Homa Games’ business model

Homa Games is one of the fastest-growing mobile gaming startups in Europe. With over 60 million users and revenues over $50 million, Homa Games has become a major player in the mobile gaming space.

The company’s core business model is based on producing quality mobile games that engage players with an ever-evolving portfolio. To ensure this, Homa Games has developed a system of hyper-targeted marketing and intense user analytics that make sure each game hits its target audience with pinpoint accuracy. This allows them to maximize their return on investment (ROI) by ensuring their TV and online campaigns are perfect for each game they release.

In addition, the company prides itself on a customer satisfaction rating over 82%, one of the highest in the industry. This is achieved through dedicated customer care centers which provide real-time assistance and solutions to customers who need help with their games or purchases, allowing them to keep their churn rate low.

Finally, Homa Games maintains an active presence within the mobile gaming community through sponsored events and influencer partnerships, which helps them gain more visibility for upcoming releases and create lasting relationships with gamers who stay loyal to Homa Games products and services after launch.

How Homa Games has used its business model to grow

Homa Games is one of the fastest-growing mobile gaming startups in Europe, having built its business model on a platform-based approach to monetization. Homa Games provides a direct connection between game developers, ad networks and players, creating an easy and effective way for developers to reach an audience of millions of players.

The company uses a unique combination of data-driven user acquisition techniques, innovative product offerings and rewards networks to drive growth within the online gaming sector. This means that Homa Games can maximize opportunities within the market and provide access to both large and small markets. Furthermore, Homa Games has developed partnerships with leading global credit card companies across Europe and the US, allowing for easier payments for players worldwide.

Furthermore, Homa Games uses highly optimized technology on their Advertising Platform with best practices from industry’s leading providers by targeting potential users with relevant messages that are more likely to convert into in-app purchases or subscriptions, increasing user engagement. Additionally, their Influencer marketing capabilities enable successful viral campaigns by allowing game developers to target their users through influencers on platforms such as TikTok or Instagram stories increasing brand awareness drastically while driving downloads.

Ultimately, Homa Games has been very successful in creating a model that is built on providing not only optimal services such as monetization/user acquisition but also providing games that bring together both casual and hardcore gamers to create opportunities for everyone looking for entertainment at different levels of difficulty contributing largely towards its existing success as one of Europe’s leading gaming startups.

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Homa Games’ Future

Homa Games is one of Europe’s fastest-growing mobile gaming startups and has recently raised a massive $50 million in funding. This significant investment brings exciting opportunities for Homa Games and could potentially reshape the European mobile gaming market.

In this article, we will explore the potential implications of this investment and what it could mean for the future of Homa Games.

Homa Games’ plans for the future

Homa Games, a successful mobile gaming startup in Europe, has ambitious plans for the future. The company is focused on becoming a leading entertainment and gaming content provider worldwide. With its cutting-edge technology and expert team, Homa Games sets itself aside from other startups in the mobile gaming space.

The company has already established itself as a fast-growing business, providing quality games and apps that provide engaging user experiences. In the future, Homa Games plans to stay on top of industry trends and collaborate with top international partners to develop new games that offer unique game play experiences for customers. In addition, the company will continue to expand its products globally to reach more players worldwide, ensuring that there is something for all gamers no matter their location or background.

Homa Games plans to use real-time personalization algorithms to customize their games based on demographic data and ensure users receive an individualized and fun experience while using their products. The company further plans to strengthen their internal operations and focus on streamlining processes across departments such as marketing, development and customer service to give customers a smooth gaming experience whenever they play a game or access an app by Homa Games.

The team at Homa Games unites around its mission: “To become a leader in the global entertainment ecosystem by providing immersive gaming experiences through innovative technology solutions.” Partnership opportunities are one of the key aspects of this mission which enables Homa Games to collaborate extensively internationally while improving services throughout Europe and reach out globally with more countries joining this journey every day!

Homa Games’ potential impact on the mobile gaming industry

Homa Games has quickly become a trusted leader in the mobile gaming industry. They recently achieved unicorn status, joining the ranks of other billion-dollar startups. This success comes with great potential to make an impact on the entire gaming industry, as well as shape the future of mobile gaming.

Homa Games is leveraging their immense financial resources and creativity to revolutionize how games are made and marketed. Through partnerships with game publishers and developers, they are creating new opportunities for those in the industry to collaborate and innovate. As a result, they have become instrumental in driving technological advancements that create a better experience for players.

In addition, Homa Games has introduced groundbreaking marketing campaigns that will be influential in promoting games worldwide. Their approach combines creative content creators with innovative marketing tactics to shape how audiences see games and become desirable products for all gamers.

As a leader in mobile gaming, Homa has set high standards for other companies in the industry to follow financially and creatively. Their influence will continue to be felt within the entertainment industry, potentially changing how we play mobile games forever!


Homa Games’ recent capital raise is a testament to the growth the mobile gaming industry is experiencing right now. With the capital raised, the startup is well set to take advantage of the fast-growing mobile gaming space and be one of the leading players.

Homa Games will have no trouble achieving its vision and retaining its industry dominance shortly.

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