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How Homa Games Plans to Grow its Business

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Are you an aspiring business owner curious about the latest industry trends? Read on to find out how Homa Games, a hypercasual startup, grew their business and raised $50 million. This article provides invaluable insights that could help you take the next step towards success.

Get ready to be inspired by Homa’s rapid growth story!

Hypercasual startup Homa Games raises $50m

Homa Games is a mobile games studio based in Barcelona and San Francisco, focused on hyper-casual titles. Founded in 2017, the company quickly gained momentum by releasing popular titles like Color Road! and Stack Colors!, becoming the fastest-growing mobile company in Europe.

Homa Games has announced its Series A+ funding round of $43M led by Insight Partners to pursue more ambitious growth.

The new capital will be used to continue expanding into more global markets and building innovative content for its portfolio, as well as bolstering development activities such as distribution and advertising. This investment will also solidify Homa Games’ position as a leader in hyper-casual gaming by reinforcing their technology platform with new data-driven features.

The funding round also gives Homa Games access to firsthand market insights from leading investors such as Modern Times Group (MTG), South Korea’s NHN Entertainment and Northzone. This gives them an edge to capitalize on rapidly evolving trends — locally and internationally — for greater success. With this increased focus on deep market knowledge and trends, plus the financial strength from Insight Partner’s backing, Homa Games is ready to take its business to the next level now and in the years ahead.

The Hypercasual Gaming Industry: An Overview

The hypercasual gaming industry has been growing rapidly over the past few years and is expected to reach an estimated $3.5 billion by 2022. This growth has been spurred by the increasing market of mobile devices, making it easier for users to access games on their phones and tablets. Since its rise in 2016, this market has become a powerhouse within the video gaming industry and is projected to dominate it in terms of downloads and revenue generated in 2020.

Hypercasual games are characterized by their fast loading times, easy-to-master gameplay mechanics, and simple controls that allow players to jump in quickly without worrying about complex rules or strategies. These user-friendly mechanics have attracted a wide variety of audiences ranging from casual gamers who play for enjoyment to hardcore gamers who want a challenge even when playing on their phones or tablets. Additionally, these games are well-suited for ad monetization due to their expansive reachability across all platforms.

With hundreds of thousands of new hypercasual games being released yearly, developers’ competition is fierce as they strive for top spots in app stores worldwide. As a result, many developers are turning towards “growth hacking,” or data-driven marketing tactics designed specifically with hypercasual games in mind to remain competitive. This includes leveraging analytics tools like App Lift or Firebase Performance Monitoring (FPM) which enable developers to measure key performance indicators like a game’s daily active users (DAU), paying customers (ARPDAU), return on investment (ROI), lifetime value (LTV), etc., and use that data collected as feedback loops to optimize campaigns and further inform development decisions when adapting gameplay elements or implementing updates as needed.

By utilizing these tools effectively, companies such as Homa Games may create additional revenue streams that will help grow the company’s bottom line while accounting for trends within the mobile gaming industry worldwide.

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Homa Games’ Unique Approach to Hypercasual Gaming

Since its launch in 2019, Homa Games’ library of hypercasual games has grown to more than 300 titles, with over 7.2 billion downloads. Their games focus on short-term objectives and require minimal user effort, making them accessible and popular among casual players. Homa Games stands out from other hypercasual gaming companies by offering a unique formula for success.

The company’s proprietary “Peak Performance Cycle” approach allows them to identify working gameplay formulas and then constantly tweak them over time to maximize their performance in the market. This allows Homa Games to create engaging content that quickly captures the attention of their target audience and keeps it performing at optimal levels throughout the journey. They also use powerful analytics tools and collaborate closely with clients to ensure their ad campaigns consistently deliver results.

Using this approach, they create games which appeal to a wide range of gaming audiences regardless of age or gender and meet the demands of what it takes for a successful hypercasual game in today’s ever-evolving mobile gaming landscape. Homa Games is continuing to expand its library by partnering with developers who produce ambitious projects for mobile app stores worldwide, as well as developing new IPs internally through their skilled studios located around the world including Los Angeles, London, Beirut and Mexico City – testing new ground within the Hyper Casual Space!

Homa Games’ Growth Strategy

Homa Games’ growth strategy combines organic growth and strategic acquisitions to expand its development capabilities and reach new players. However, the company’s core focus is on its development, as this will drive continued innovation in the games it produces. To that end, the company is focusing on growing its internal teams and talent and researching and creating cutting-edge technologies and supporting services.

The company has also identified several potential acquisitions that could enhance its core game development capabilities or help it develop new game genres. Acquisitions could also provide access to additional markets, adding value to the brand while increasing revenue opportunities. Homa Games assesses every potential partner or consortium to ensure that any investment meets the business’s specific requirements and provides a long-term growth opportunity for the company.

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Benefits of the Recent Funding Round

Homa Games, a mobile gaming company, recently raised $20 million in a Series A funding round. This capital will help to expedite the already rapid growth Homa Games is experiencing, expanding its current reach of 100 million players and plans to reach over 500 million players by 2020. In addition, through this new investment, Homa Games will be able to strengthen its position as a leading student gaming development company and broaden its suite of services.

The primary benefit of this substantial capital injection is that it increases Homa Game’s ability to attract and retain talented employees. In addition, the additional funds will aid in remunerating star industry talent who feel passionate about making amazing gaming products that inspire millions of people worldwide. This unique emphasis on cultivating an inclusive and diverse company culture has been a cornerstone of Homa Game’s success, so far; offering talented individuals stable roles and access to cutting-edge technologies will help ensure long-term sustainability and growth for the ever-evolving industry.

To stay ahead of its competition, Homa Games’ impressive financial boost allows for more resources to go into making their games enticing as possible for players worldwide. Furthermore, as one of the few mobile game companies taking innovation seriously, players can expect improvements with new levels and storylines in existing titles and more strategic marketing campaigns across various platforms to reach wider audiences beyond just the core gamer community. All these elements come together seamlessly when factoring in their intricate monetization strategies designed for gamers worldwide who now have different spending patterns depending on where they are located geographically or culturally spoken languages within regions or countries most comfortable playing within their own native language experience better results when playing content offered by localized companies like ours!

Meanwhile, investing heavily into cutting-edge technologies also allots us features such as Unity engine or HTML 5 integration, which can affect player lifetime values (LTV) tremendously too!

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Challenges Ahead for Homa Games

Homa Games, a mobile gaming company specializing in developing, marketing and monetizing free-to-play games for iOS and Android, is looking for ways to grow its business. However, as with any venture into a new market, there are numerous challenges that Homa Games must anticipate as it moves forward.

Homa Games must understand the pitfalls of entering an already crowded mobile gaming industry to successfully launch and sustain their ventures. The competition is fierce and each market within the industry has its own set of characteristics.

For one thing, the gaming industry experiences rapid change and requires constant adaptation to stay ahead of the competition. The lifespan of games can be short if players become uninterested quickly or one game overtakes another in popularity. Therefore, Homa Games must carefully track user interest and context to produce a game or feature that will stay popular over time.

Moreover, designing a successful monetization strategy is key to financially sustaining this industry; as users’ expectations can quickly become outdated or overshadowed by competitors’ product offerings. Additionally, player acquisition costs tend to rise faster than product prices can be increased — meaning both superior product experience and cross-promotion strategies are essential for maintaining profitability in the long run.

Finally, an emphasis on customer service cannot be understated given that negative reviews significantly affect user retention rates — so taking into account player feedback is paramount for success over time. Ultimately, navigating these often turbulent waters requires insight from multiple perspectives including consumer trends, marketing techniques, and product design elements, all leading up towards finding the right balance between providing value and staying ahead of competitors’ offerings.

Conclusion: Homa Games’ Bright Future

Homa Games is actively exploring ways to grow their business, from focusing on international distribution of their current titles to working with developers on potential new projects.

Their commitment to delivering quality experiences for their audience is evident in the dedication and enthusiasm of their team, who remain passionate about the games they create.

With the dedication and support that Homa Games has shown to its brand and those of developers, there appears to be a bright future for digital entertainment, accessible through mobile and desktop platforms alike.

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