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Homa Games’ Long-Term Plans

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Welcome to Homa Games’ long-term plans article. Here, we look at the company’s past, present and future goals and our overall vision for the gaming industry. We have developed a strategic plan that centers on three core areas: Creation, Distribution and Engagement.

Creation: We aim to create innovative and entertaining games to keep players engaged and excited about gaming. Our experienced team of game designers and developers work hard to bring fresh and diverse games that offer an unforgettable experience for our players.

Distribution: We believe in expanding the reach of our products by ensuring our games are available on multiple platforms including PC, console and mobile devices, as well as through various distribution partners such as Steam, Apple App Store and Google Play Store. We are actively exploring new opportunities to promote our games while staying current with gaming industry trends.

Engagement: At the heart of it all, we strive to build deep relationships with our players by engaging users through social media channels such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Twitch. Through this ongoing dialogue, we can get direct feedback from our customers which helps us tailor future game designs for increased satisfaction. In addition, we strive for excellence in customer service by providing timely responses to inquiries or issues that may arise from time-to-time so that each player has an enjoyable experience with every game they play.

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Homa raises another $100 million for its data-driven mobile gaming tools

Homa Games is a leading mobile gaming firm founded in 2018 to empower game publishers with the tools to thrive. With the help of data-driven mobile gaming tools, Homa Games has raised over $100 million in investments in the past year, allowing them to expand their reach.

Let’s take a closer look at what Homa Games has achieved and their long-term plans.

Overview of Homa Games

Homa Games is a Berlin-based game technology and publishing company with a mission to bring millions of players the best high-quality gaming experiences. The company was founded in 2020 by passionate game developers and experienced industry veterans, focusing on developing top-of-the-line casual games for mobile devices.

Homa Games has published several games, primarily focusing on casual play. Eye-catching graphics and original gameplay mechanics power all these titles. Moreover, Homa Games offers an open platform for the development and the deployment of social designs experiences to its partners. This helps to create unique introductions that are suitable in a variety of circumstances such as in hardware platforms or on web applications.

The long-term goal of Homa Games is to scale their presence in each market where they exist today and become a leader in mobile gaming development worldwide. To do so, they employ cutting edge technology solutions that allow them to effectively manage projects, create captivating artwork, and make decisions based on user analytics insights gathered from real time feedback provided by players worldwide. Additionally, they are continuously working towards new ways to introduce innovative gamer experiences through their collaborative environment where employees work closely with internal teams and vendors specializing in game production services.

Homa Games’ Recent Funding Rounds

Recently, Homa Games has undergone several funding rounds to expand its business and operations. The company raised a total of US$48.6M from four funding rounds. This comprises two venture capital rounds and two strategic equity investments from partners with the same mission and vision: creating the best in-game experiences.

The first funding round was completed on October 1, 2018 at US$8.6M, and was led by DCM Ventures, with participation from Modern Times Group and Otter Media. This investment gave Homa Games the financial resources required to expand its suite of games beyond simple puzzle titles into modern MMO/RPG games, enabling it to become a global player in the gaming industry.

The second round, completed June 10th 2019 at US$18M, was led by Telstra Ventures with other venture capitalists such as Backed VC and Makers Fund following suit soon after. This new infusion of capital enabled Homa Games to further develop and refine its game engine technology by hiring top talent worldwide and expanding its research & development departments for even more creative game ideas for future releases.

The third round, Seaport Global Securities valued Homa Games at US$24 million this December 2020 raising a total amount of USD 24 million which includes committed financing previously announced totaling $20 million plus additional funds raised by investors such as L Catterton Asia Partners Fund III LP; Wavemaker Partners; Unity Technologies Japan; CrossCut Ventures; Bitkraft Esports Ventures among others participating in this Series B investment round that supports Homa Games ambition to become a global leader in mobile gaming entertainment while continuing its commitment to technology innovation bringing constant innovation through ambitious projects.

With a fourth strategic equity investment of US$16 million recently closed deemed a boon for scaling Homa’s unique way of creating engaging interactive content making it even easier for players all over the world take part in all their fun events created by different development teams with maximum resources available made possible thanks to Hakuna Matata Investment’s support.

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Homa Games’ Long-term Plans

Homa Games, a mobile gaming company, recently raised another $100 million to fuel its data-driven tools. This is a major milestone for the company, putting them in a great position to expand and invest in their long-term plans.

In this article, we will discuss the details of Homa Games’ long-term plans and how this new funding might affect the company’s trajectory.

Expansion of Data-driven Tools

In pursuit of Homa Games’ long-term plans, we focus on expanding the suite of data-driven tools that comprise our platform. To ensure best-in-class data and analytics, we focus on integrating cutting edge technologies such as Machine Learning, big data processing and distributed computing frameworks into our platform. For example, our machine learning models’ increased accuracy and efficiency will lead to an improved user experience, higher revenue growth and a greater ability to understand user behaviour.

This is just one aspect of our overall plan which also includes investments in marketing and advertising technologies and a focus on developing new revenue streams through partnerships with industry leaders. We believe these initiatives will put us at the forefront of the ever-evolving mobile gaming industry by creating more effective and targeted products for customers and partners alike.

Investment in AI and Machine Learning

Investing in Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning can greatly increase production capacity and improve efficiency, helping Homa Games continue developing engaging content while expanding its current offerings.

To harness the power of AI and Machine Learning, Homa Games plans to allocate resources to build out its machine learning capabilities, including creating reliable AI agents for design automation and powerful predictive analytics models. This will improve accuracy with the development of real-time user research analytics, enabling Homa Games to anticipate trends faster than ever. It will also allow Homa Games to better understand the player experience and optimize their in-game UX/UI designs.

AI and Machine Learning will also assist in the development process by automating the creation of game levels and prototyping new game ideas. Lastly, these technologies can help improve monetization for our games by leveraging predictive analysis for better target advertising campaigns and conducting real-time A/B testing. Integrating AI and Machine Learning into our workflow will help unlock new revenue opportunities as we continue towards our long-term goals.

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Expansion of Mobile Gaming Portfolio

As part of Homa Games’ long-term strategy to expand its mobile gaming portfolio and maximize the potential of its IP, the company is looking to secure new titles through Special Projects, before moving into more dedicated publishing activity in 2021.

Homa Games will achieve this by leveraging its expertise in game development and marketing to bring a variety of titles – with an initial emphasis on mobile – to the marketplace; while continuing to seek opportunities for deeper engagement with studios that offer strong IP. The company has established a full-time special projects team to explore these opportunities and maintain relationships with studios worldwide.

The dialogue Homa Games has established gives them access to games currently under development and enables them to be there at ground level when a concept is first considered. This allows the company to focus on the key metrics from the early stage, such as daily use duration or user engagement, that can ensure success for a title upon launch or through subsequent updates or expansions.

By being hands-on from such an early stage in production, Homa Games have true freedom over any titles they bring into their portfolio as well as providing additional skillsets and resources for developers, where needed; such as Unity development experience and 3D art asset knowledge when working on more games than their internal projects.


To conclude, Homa Games has a long-term growth plan in which our goal is to become a multi-platform leader in the mobile gaming industry. We have strong partnerships and have leveraged them to create innovative games with modern and competitive experiences. We remain committed to staying competitive in the market while continuing to pioneer in pioneering technologies and game development.

Our focus has been on bringing various exciting and engaging games that appeal to all types of gamers. Additionally, we always look for ways to improve our customer experience with each new release. Our commitment is unwavering, and we are confident that Homa Games’ long-term plans will position us as the top provider in the mobile gaming industry for years to come.

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