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Which Icon Cards are the best?

Icons are a widely-used and powerful tool for designers and developers, but today we’ll take a look at which ones you should be using to get the most out of your card design. We’ll also consider what makes an icon stand apart from other cards in its category.

The “fifa 21 icons list” is a blog post that ranks the best icon cards of FIFA. The ranking was based on the amount of likes and views.

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As you may know, Icon cards represent some of the greatest football superstars of all time, and it was a brilliant concept to let players play as some of their favorites.

These fantastic cards, however, are not free; they cost a lot of coins owing to their high quality, and many of them match the meta attributes required for success in FIFA Ultimate Team.

And there are a lot in the game, but we’re just going to concentrate on the top 10, in the hopes that this will help you pick which ones to utilize.

FIFA Ultimate Team 22’s Top 10 Icon Cards

It’s crucial to note that each athlete that is featured as an Icon has three Icon cards, but we’ll concentrate on the highest-rated card for each Icon.

Players may feel that a player’s price reflects their skill level in the game, although this is not the case with Icons.

Certain are more uncommon than others, and the price is impacted by the football fan base, since some football legends are more popular than others. Isn’t that correct?

When it comes to attackers, make sure they have strong finishing, dribbling, speed, and passing skills.

When it comes to more defensive players, though, you need make sure they have a strong tempo and excellent defense and physical attributes.

Of course, we’ll begin with the worst and work our way up to the finest in our Top 10. When we say “worst,” we’re referring to the weakest of the 10 players chosen for this squad.

Paolo Maldini is number ten on the list.


Paolo Cesare Maldini is an Italian former professional footballer who played for AC Milan and the Italy national team, principally as a left-back and central defender.

He is generally recognized as one of the best ever defenders and one of the greatest players of all time, thus his inclusion in our Top 10 is unsurprising.

Paolo Maldini will set you back 1.9 million coins in FIFA Ultimate Team if you want him as your defense.

Johan Cruyff (nine)


The former Dutch national is one of the most sought-after Icon Cards in FUT 22, and many players would go to any length to get him.

This center forward is great for whatever squad you choose to put up, but don’t count on him to play defense since you could be disappointed.

If you wish to add Johan Cruyff to your roster, he will cost you 3.5 million coins and has a rating of 94.

Patrick Vieira, no. 8


In FUT 22, having the Patrick Vieira Icon Card is certainly one of the finest decisions you can make. This outstanding defender is both a great defender and a highly creative player.

He may not be the quickest player in the game, but he is certainly one of the most capable of turning the tide when it is most needed.

If you want to get your hands on this card, you’ll need to save up 3.6 million coins; otherwise, forget it.

Zidane, Zinedine


Although this legend costs a little less than previous legends, you can be certain that having Zinedine Zidane as your offensive midfielder will pose a significant danger to your opponents.

In a game that you truly want to win, his passing, shooting, and dribbling skills are terrific weapons to deploy. The French skipper will not disappoint and will undoubtedly be the focus of attention.

The good news is that if you want to add him to your roster, you just have to invest 3 million coins.

Ronaldinho is number six.


There are no introductions necessary since we are certain that everyone in the world has heard of Ronaldinho at least once.

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This card should be in your collection at all times, whether it was during his early years at Paris Saint-Germain or his golden years at Barcelona.

True, his defense is abysmal, but let’s face it, no one is going to acquire Ronaldinho for that. You’ll need roughly 3.3 million coins to get this Brazilian superstar onto your bench to help you win those tough games.

Eusebio is number five.


In most circumstances, this Portuguese legend may be the difference between a win and a defeat, therefore don’t pass up this Icon Card if you come across it.

He’s quick, can dribble his way into the opponent’s box with ease, and most importantly, his shooting is lethal, making most goalkeepers wish they were on the bench that day.

And you can acquire him for the same price as Zidane, which we think is a really good value.

Ruud Gulit, No. 4


If you’re serious about crushing your opponents in FIFA Ultimate Team, this is another Icon Card you should add to your collection.

The Dutch midfielder/striker is a popular pick with millions of gamers throughout the globe, making him a dangerous opponent to face.

Don’t get too thrilled just yet, since this card is more expensive than the others we’ve shown you thus far. You should start saving now for the Ruud Gullit Icon Card, which is worth 5.7 million coins.

Diego Maradona was number three on the list.


There isn’t much to say about the late Argentinian superstar other than the fact that he was one of the all-time greats in this beautiful sport.

Despite the fact that his fan following numbers in the hundreds of millions, you may obtain this incredible card for what we consider a steal.

His dribbling abilities will put even the most gifted players to shame, and he is definitely a guy you should add to your team if there are any openings.

Have we mentioned how cheap this card is? We checked, and you can get it for just 2.3 million coins, making it the most affordable of the Top 10.

2. Cristiano Ronaldo


Despite the fact that Ronaldo only came in second place in our Top 10, he embodies everything that every young football player hopes to be.

The former Brazil international and Real Madrid striker is likely to be the only attacker you’ll ever need, scoring at will.

This goal machine is a dream come true for every FUT 22 player, but not everyone can afford it. At the very least, not straight away.

This is by far the most costly Icon Card on the list, so if you want Ronaldo to join your squad, you’d better have some coins saved up since he costs 8.3 million coins.

1. Pele


Many consider Pele to be the greatest football player of all time, and he certainly deserves to be at the top of our list, or any list for that matter.

Let’s just say there are amoeba on Saturn who have heard of Pele, so there’s no use in debating whether he is the greatest of all time or not.

His statistics are quite comparable to Ronaldo’s, and they were occasionally given the same duty on the field, however the Pele Icon Card costs a lot less than his co-national.

If you come up with 5.2 million coins, you may get this player for your all-star squad, and he will happily sign the contract.

There are much too many Icon Cards to go over them all at this time, but these are the finest 10.

Wayne Rooney, Iker Casillas, Robin Van Persie, and Cafu, a former Brazilian national team and AC Milan defender, are among the four new icons in FIFA 22.

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The “best icons fifa 21” is a question that many FIFA players ask. Some people like the default icon cards, but some prefer the premium ones. There are also some people who don’t care which card they use, as long as it’s not the default one.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best icon FIFA 21?

A: This is due to copyright restrictions that Sony fears would be leveled against them should they allow something like this.

What is the best icon FIFA 20?

A: This is difficult to answer without more information. What does that mean?

Who has best CB Icon FIFA 21?

A: Ronaldo is the best CB Icon FIFA 21 with a rating of 77, followed by Neymar Jr. at 76 and Maradona at 75.

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