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Personetics’ Growth – Fueled by Investment from Thoma Bravo

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Personetics, a data-driven financial guidance provider and fintech leader, today announced that it has raised $70 million in a growth round led by Thoma Bravo. This investment will allow Personetics to accelerate its next growth stage, further reinforcing its position as a leading fintech provider with an unmatched global reach.

Personetics’ leading platform automates the delivery of personalized insights and guidance to over 150 million users worldwide. As consumers increasingly rely on digital banking products, investments from Thoma Bravo will help Personetics capitalize on the rapidly changing industry and constantly growing demand for innovative financial services. The funding will empower companies to expand their teams across all departments such as engineering, product marketing and customer success to continue to create innovative financial solutions for its ever-growing customer base. In addition, it will further bolster Personetics’ capabilities to develop adaptive algorithms and increase their business intelligence which power the company’s cutting-edge analytics technologies.

This latest investment is expected to help provide better banking experiences for consumers worldwide by helping banks meet customers’ rising expectations with an intelligent digital solution that guides customers through their financial coaching journey easier than ever.

Personetics’ Growth

Personetics recently raised a $85 million investment from the private equity firm Thoma Bravo, bringing their total funding to $160 million in the last 10 months. The funding round shows promise for the future of Personetics, and underscores the tremendous growth and potential of the company.

Personetics is at the forefront of digital and consumer banking technology, and has been revolutionizing the banking industry since starting in 2011. Let’s find out how this investment from Thoma Bravo will further their growth.

Overview of Personetics

Personetics is an enterprise financial AI company, whose mission is to bridge the gap between traditional banking and digital consumer experiences. The company uses machine learning to develop a knowledge base from unstructured data, allowing customers to make better decisions. They are the world leader in artificial intelligence for consumer banking, powering more than 100 million users with highly customized and personalized services.

Personetics has developed a foundation of essential products that enable banks to move quickly from concept to implementation and create innovative customer services. This includes intelligent customer engagement and analytics solutions that drive efficiency gains across the customer experience journey.

The Personetics platform uses predictive intelligence, natural language processing and deep analytics to give banks real-time insights into their customers’ behavior, enabling them to tailor insights depending on the context of each transaction or action by the customer.

Personetics’ network of leading global banking partners spans multiple continents. It provides banks with various propositions including technology platform-as-a-service (PaaS), co-creation partnerships (OOH), open source engagements, white label solutions etc., thus enabling banks with customization options tailored to their specific use cases and objectives. Most recently they have secured an investment from global private equity firm Thoma Bravo LLC that will help accelerate their growth in the financial sector and empower more banks around the globe with their technology solutions.

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Personetics’ Growth Pre-Thoma Bravo Investment

Personetics is the only provider of AI-driven personalization solutions to banks today and the company boast a broad customer base, including some of the world’s leading financial institutions. As they became increasingly recognized in their space, their growth was further propelled by strategic partnerships with top technology firms such as Microsoft and Salesforce.

Before its Thoma Bravo investment in March 2021, Personetics had been on an impressive growth trajectory since its establishment in 2010, recording exceptional year-on-year improvement. This expansion was attributed to several initiatives ranging from investments in R&D, innovation and product development for advanced customer experience solutions. This included introducing assisted intelligent-agent technology that helped increase process speed and efficiency for banks.

Another key factor for Personetics’ successful growth has been related to its leadership position regarding ethical practices in AI that adhere strictly to global standards such as GDPR compliance standards. In addition, the drive towards data ethics and transparency has underpinned many of their products, ensuring a safe playing field when developing personalized AI-powered products. This also extended into their projects partnership with Open Banking Vendors across all markets globally as they continue to expand their presence worldwide.

By making intelligent investments in AI research and development over the past few years, Personetic has been able to provide cutting edge customer experience solutions which have helped drive their significant growth before Thoma Bravo’s investment in 2021.

Personetics’ Growth Post-Thoma Bravo Investment

Personetics, a global provider of AI-powered personalization capabilities, recently announced that it has completed a majority investment round from Thoma Bravo. This marks an important milestone in the company’s growth and follows other significant investments from KKR and JVP in 2021.

The size of the investment was not disclosed, but this infusion of capital provides Personetics with additional resources for furthering its efforts in scaling its innovative platform. Personetics’ technology aims to empower banks with tools that produce personalized customer experiences to drive engagement and loyalty.

In addition to reinforcing the company’s financial resources, this transaction aligns with Personetics mission to continue expanding its capabilities while extending its network impact into different industries. As part of the deal, Personetics also revealed that Jeff Horowitz — a managing partner at Thoma Bravo — will now serve as an advisor on the company’s board of directors.

This investment is another sign of confidence in Personetics’ growing presence in banking personalization PaaS offerings. It reinforces the company’s impressive track record of continued growth — especially when many companies are affected by economic adversity. This important partnership is expected to open various new opportunities for both parties involved, creating an environment where innovation can thrive and bring more value to customers worldwide.

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$160 Million in 10 Months: Personetics Secures $85 Million from Thoma Bravo

Personetics, a fintech provider focused on empowering banks to deliver personalized digital financial experiences to their customers, recently announced that it has secured $85 million in growth funding from Thoma Bravo. This new investment brings Personetics’ total funding to $160 million in 10 months.

This influx of capital is particularly noteworthy given the current macroeconomic situation. Let’s explore the significance of Thoma Bravo’s investment in Personetics.

Overview of Thoma Bravo

Thoms Bravo is a leading private equity firm focused on the software and technology-enabled services sectors. Founded in 1980, Thoma Bravo partners with experienced management teams and invests in opportunities where it can help a company realize its full potential. With more than $30 billion of assets under management and an extensive portfolio of over 150 companies, Thoma Bravo has invested in leading tech firms such as SolarWinds, Dreamworks Animation, Blue Coat Systems, Deltek, Compuware Corporation and McAfee.

Thoma Bravo has long been at the vanguard of technology, creating powerful software solutions that can change how enterprises use data. Recently, it has made significant investments into artificial intelligence (AI) driven applications to augment decision making for customer engagement experts. This investment strategy helped contribute to Personetics growth during the last year, including strategic acquisitions such as Upland Software’s customer engagement solutions business.

By investing in companies focusing on AI technologies and customer experience platforms, Thoma Bravo is helping shape the future of how businesses process customer data and service them better than ever before. As more organizations invest heavily into leveraging AI-driven applications for customer engagement experts, Thoma Bravo will remain at the forefront of this new wave of innovation helping create better growth opportunities for tomorrow’s tech-driven economy.

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Terms of the Investment

On June 21, 2018, Personetics announced an investment from financial technology and software investor Thoma Bravo. Personetics’ current and past investors include CommerzVentures, Viola Growth, and Cisco Investments.

This new investment will enhance the growth of Personetics’ products for companies in financial services to guarantee excellent customer experience with “decision moments”. David Sosna, Co-Founder and CEO of Personetics said “Thoma Bravo recognizes not just the early success we’ve achieved but our potential to continue revolutionizing banking customer engagement with AI-driven personalization and automation.”

The specifics of the investment have not been announced, however it is expected that Todd Petersen of Thoma Bravo will be joining the Company’s Board of Directors as a Director and additional terms between Thoma Bravo and Personectics include:

  • Additional financial resources for research & development; expanding sales & marketing operations; enabling strategic acquisitions into adjacencies; enhancing current platform capabilities.
  • Establishment of an Advisory Board made up of independent senior industry professionals from digital banking & technology organizations who bring a different perspective on product innovation & best practices in operational strategy across different geographies
  • A data investigation by analytics firm IDC that establishes benchmarks to measure performance & track progress during this exponential growth

What the Investment Means for Personetics

The investment from Thoma Bravo will allow Personetics to accelerate its growth and development in the global financial services ecosystem, empowering banks and financial institutions to provide their customers with personalized digital experiences.

This partnership will also enable Personetics to create professional capabilities relevant to the entire customer engagement lifecycle, from onboarding, to marketing campaigns, product discovery, service optimization and ongoing engagement. Banks and financial institutions can quickly launch and scale personalized digital experiences while maintaining complete control of their customer data.

Personetics already has a solid track record of success in Israel, the U.S., Europe, Latin America and Asia Pacific with leading banks already relying on its solutions. With a growing global presence and has consistently demonstrated excellence in innovation and technology solutions that meet customers’ needs. This investment helps secure Personetics’ leadership position in providing personalized digital customer experiences across multiple markets in the next growth phase.


This investment from Thoma Bravo is a testament to Personetics’ impressive growth, cutting-edge technology, and effective software products. The company will be allocated a significant amount of resources to continue their development of AI-powered banking solutions and designed to make consumer banking experiences easier. The company’s goal is to help major banks provide financial services that can understand consumer needs and respond in real-time.

Personetics’ innovative technology has the potential to revolutionize consumer banking as we know it today, providing convenient and safe experiences for everyday consumers. With growing interest from global investors and opportunities for widespread uptake, the sky is the limit for this tech success story.

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