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Xbox app can’t select drive on Windows 11? Try these fixes

The xbox app can’t change install location is a problem that has been present for a while. Microsoft has released fixes to fix the issue.

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  • Many customers have lately complained that the Xbox software in Windows 11 is unable to install games on the required drives.
  • Storage settings that have been misconfigured, folder permissions, or a damaged disk are all possibilities.
  • Also, learn about Xbox Game Pass, a membership service that allows you to play over a hundred games on your PC.



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The Xbox app was also included in Windows 10 and provided a comprehensive platform for the gaming community. You may connect your Xbox account to your computer and explore a large library of games, play them, and connect with others across devices.

However, many users have now complained that the Xbox software on Windows 11 is unable to choose a disk. To put it another way, they are unable to choose a drive other than the default.

While some people don’t bother verifying a game’s install location, others meticulously arrange the files and applications on their computers, and this mistake was a significant setback for them.

In this post, we’ll look at all of the solutions for the issue, as well as any other important information that may help with the troubleshooting.

What’s stopping you from choosing a drive in the Xbox app?

There are a number of factors that may cause problems when installing a game on a separate disk. We’ve compiled a list of the most notable:

  • Misconfigured storage settings
  • Bugs in the present Windows version
  • Inadequate permissions
  • Storage that has become faulty

The inaccuracy is mainly determined by the four issues mentioned above. If you can identify the one on your machine, go straight to the appropriate repair; otherwise, run them all in the same order for a fast troubleshooting procedure.

What can I do if the Xbox software on Windows 11 won’t let me choose a drive?

1. Modify the Xbox app storage options.

  1. To open the Search menu, press Windows + S.
  2. To open the app, type Xbox into the top text area and click on the appropriate search result.1634890719_271_Xbox-app-cant-select-drive-on-Windows-11-Try-these
  3. Select Settings from the flyout menu by clicking on the profile symbol in the top-right corner.1634890720_610_Xbox-app-cant-select-drive-on-Windows-11-Try-these
  4. Select the General option from the drop-down menu.Xbox-app-cant-select-drive-on-Windows-11-Try-these
  5. Change where this app installs by default by selecting the drop-down option under Change where this app installs by default.1634890722_946_Xbox-app-cant-select-drive-on-Windows-11-Try-these
  6. From the list of choices, choose the appropriate drive.1634890723_594_Xbox-app-cant-select-drive-on-Windows-11-Try-these
  7. Restart the computer and see whether the disk that was giving you problems before can now be used to install applications.

While some may have previously tried this technique, it’s important to note since it’s the most important element and one that aids in the diagnosis of the problem.

If a tiny yellow caution box appears next to an option, it means the issue is with the disk rather than the app storage settings. In such scenario, you may format the drive, but we suggest that you attempt the other options mentioned below first.

2. Modify the system’s storage options

  1. To open the Settings app, press Windows + I.
  2. In the System tab, choose Storage from the list of choices on the right.1634890723_216_Xbox-app-cant-select-drive-on-Windows-11-Try-these
  3. Under Storage management, go to Advanced storage settings.1634890724_856_Xbox-app-cant-select-drive-on-Windows-11-Try-these
  4. From the list of choices that appears, choose Where new material is stored.1634890725_812_Xbox-app-cant-select-drive-on-Windows-11-Try-these
  5. Select the appropriate disk from the dropdown option under New applications will save.1634890726_227_Xbox-app-cant-select-drive-on-Windows-11-Try-these
  6. To make the changes take effect, click Apply.1634890727_112_Xbox-app-cant-select-drive-on-Windows-11-Try-these
  7. Check whether you can choose another disk when downloading a game after restarting the computer.

The Xbox app may be unable to change the drive while downloading a game due to your PC’s existing configuration. You should be able to download the program to the appropriate place after changing the default settings.

3. Change the permissions on the folder

  1. To open the File Explorer, press Windows + E.
  2. Navigate to the D: drive, which is where you want to install the applications in our instance.
  3. Find the WindowsApps folder and open it. Create a new folder with the same name if you can’t locate one.
  4. Select Properties from the context menu when right-clicking on the WindowsApps folder. You may also pick the folder and press Alt + Enter to open the Properties box.1634890728_275_Xbox-app-cant-select-drive-on-Windows-11-Try-these
  5. Go to the Security tab and choose Advanced from the drop-down menu.1634890728_949_Xbox-app-cant-select-drive-on-Windows-11-Try-these
  6. In the Advanced Security Settings window’s Permissions tab, click Continue.1634890729_442_Xbox-app-cant-select-drive-on-Windows-11-Try-these
  7. Change the permissions and give access to the folder by selecting Change.1634890730_278_Xbox-app-cant-select-drive-on-Windows-11-Try-these
  8. In the Select User or Group box, select Advanced.1634890731_744_Xbox-app-cant-select-drive-on-Windows-11-Try-these
  9. Select Find Now from the drop-down menu.1634890732_984_Xbox-app-cant-select-drive-on-Windows-11-Try-these
  10. Click OK after selecting your user account from the list at the bottom.1634890733_817_Xbox-app-cant-select-drive-on-Windows-11-Try-these
  11. In the Select User or Group box, click OK.1634890734_575_Xbox-app-cant-select-drive-on-Windows-11-Try-these
  12. To save your changes, click Apply.1634890734_155_Xbox-app-cant-select-drive-on-Windows-11-Try-these
  13. When the Windows Security question displays, choose OK.1634890735_368_Xbox-app-cant-select-drive-on-Windows-11-Try-these
  14. To dismiss the window, click OK at the end.
  15. Restart the computer after making the adjustments to see whether you can now save games to the chosen disk.

4. Make a Windows update

  1. To open the Settings app, press Windows + I.
  2. From the left-hand navigation pane, choose Windows Update from the tabs.1634890736_632_Xbox-app-cant-select-drive-on-Windows-11-Try-these
  3. Check for Updates will search your machine for any outstanding updates then download and install them.1634890737_45_Xbox-app-cant-select-drive-on-Windows-11-Try-these

Try upgrading Windows if you’re using an older version or there’s a problem in the current version that prevents you from choosing another disk.

Apart from new features, the newest version also includes a number of fixes for problems found in earlier versions. This has helped a lot of people, and you should try it before continuing.

If you’re experiencing difficulty using the Settings app, as many users have, we’ve compiled a list of options to try when the app crashes.

5. Restart the Xbox services if necessary.

  1. To open the Run command, press Windows + R.
  2. To open the Services app, type services.msc in the text box and press Enter or OK at the bottom.1634890737_344_Xbox-app-cant-select-drive-on-Windows-11-Try-these
  3. Locate the services that begin with Xbox, right-click them, and then choose Restart from the context menu.1634890739_911_Xbox-app-cant-select-drive-on-Windows-11-Try-these
  4. Repeat the procedure for all presently operating services of this kind.

If the Xbox services encounter a problem while in use, restarting them will give them a new start and resolve any issues. After that, see whether the Xbox software enables you to choose the appropriate PC drive.

6. Get the Xbox app fixed.

  1. To open the Settings app, press Windows + I.
  2. Apps is one of the tabs in the navigation pane on the left.1634890739_452_Xbox-app-cant-select-drive-on-Windows-11-Try-these
  3. On the right, choose Apps & Features.1634890740_541_Xbox-app-cant-select-drive-on-Windows-11-Try-these
  4. Scroll down to the ellipsis next to Xbox, click it, and then choose Advanced options from the menu that opens.1634890741_661_Xbox-app-cant-select-drive-on-Windows-11-Try-these
  5. Under Reset, choose Repair.1634890742_354_Xbox-app-cant-select-drive-on-Windows-11-Try-these
  6. Wait for the procedure to finish; it should just take a few minutes.

While most users delete a program when they encounter even minor problems, the Repair option is more than capable of resolving the issue. In addition, unlike when you remove an app, when you fix it, you don’t lose any data.

After the Xbox software has been repaired, see whether you are able to choose the appropriate drive.

Changes to the Registry should be made at this point.

  1. To open the Run command, press Windows + R.
  2. To open the Registry Editor, type regedit in the text box and hit Enter or click OK at the bottom.1634890743_929_Xbox-app-cant-select-drive-on-Windows-11-Try-these
  3. When the UAC prompt displays, choose Yes.
  4. Copy and paste the following route into the addressbar at the top of the page and press Enter: HKEY LOCAL MACHINESYSTEMCurrentControlSetServicesGamingServices
  5. Right-click on its entry in the left navigation pane and choose Delete from the context menu.1634890744_792_Xbox-app-cant-select-drive-on-Windows-11-Try-these
  6. In the confirmation box that opens, choose Yes.1634890745_174_Xbox-app-cant-select-drive-on-Windows-11-Try-these
  7. Similarly, paste and enter the following address: HKEY LOCAL MACHINESYSTEMCurrentControlSetServicesGamingServicesNet
  8. Right-click the item in the navigation pane again and choose Delete.1634890746_293_Xbox-app-cant-select-drive-on-Windows-11-Try-these
  9. In the confirmation box that opens, choose Yes.
  10. Restart the computer after closing the Registry Editor.
  11. Press Windows + S to open the Search menu once the computer has restarted.
  12. To open the app, type Microsoft Store in the top text box and click on the appropriate search result.1634890746_906_Xbox-app-cant-select-drive-on-Windows-11-Try-these
  13. Near the bottom-left corner, choose Library.1634890747_554_Xbox-app-cant-select-drive-on-Windows-11-Try-these
  14. To get updates, choose Get updates.1634890748_290_Xbox-app-cant-select-drive-on-Windows-11-Try-these
  15. The updates for Gaming Services that appear should be downloaded.

This solution has helped a number of people who were having issues with the Xbox app not being able to choose a disk. Many problems or corruptions that cause the issue are fixed when you reinstall the updates.

Even if the other techniques listed above don’t work, you’re left with no other choice than to format the drive.

8. Format the hard disk drive

  1. To open the File Explorer, press Windows + E.
  2. To see the accessible drives, go to the left-hand menu and choose This PC.1634890749_690_Xbox-app-cant-select-drive-on-Windows-11-Try-these
  3. Select Format from the context menu when right-clicking on the disk where you were having difficulty installing the applications.1634890750_226_Xbox-app-cant-select-drive-on-Windows-11-Try-these
  4. Make sure NTFS is chosen under File system in the format window, and then click Start at the bottom. It’s suggested that you leave the default settings alone and continue as is.1634890751_739_Xbox-app-cant-select-drive-on-Windows-11-Try-these
  5. Depending on the hard disk’s speed and the quantity of data stored on it, the format procedure will take some time to finish.

The Xbox app can’t choose disk issue on Windows 11 is likely to occur if the drive you wish to install games on is damaged or in an incompatible file system.

In this instance, the recommended file system for disks is NTFS, and changing the file system to this would solve the issue. Formatting the disk is also an excellent remedy for corruption.

We looked at a variety of online platforms and found that this approach worked for the majority of people who couldn’t get things up and running with the prior ones.

You should be able to install games via the Xbox app after formatting the disk. If you’re having problems, check out our detailed tutorial on how to fix drive formatting issues.

What are my options for using Xbox Game Pass on Windows 11?

After you’ve resolved the problem, you should check out Microsoft’s Xbox Game Pass, which is a fantastic service. For a modest monthly membership price, you may explore and play 100+ games offered on the site.

It may be found on the Xbox app. There are a variety of membership options available to meet the demands of customers with different requirements.

The Xbox app’s inability to choose a drive must have been addressed as a result of the aforementioned changes. If you’re still having problems after trying all of the techniques listed above, you may always restore Windows 11 to its factory settings.

If it doesn’t work, it’s most likely a problem with Windows, and you may revert to Windows 10. Keep an eye out for updates from other users on gaming or similar forums, and after the issue has been resolved, you may reinstall Windows 11.

If you can’t use the Xbox app after reverting to Windows 10, try these solutions.

Have the methods outlined above worked for you? Please share your thoughts in the comments area below.

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The xbox game pass error code 0x00000001 is an error that has been present for a while. Microsoft has released 8 fixes to fix the issue.

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