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Until You Fall – Oculus Quest Review

The Oculus Quest is a new gaming headset from the company that pioneered virtual reality technology. In this review, we will go through some of the features as well as give our impressions on its design and performance. We’ll also cover whether or not it’s worth your money with plenty of help from other reviews available online.’

The “Oculus Quest Review” is an article that reviews the Oculus Quest. The review talks about how it is a game changer for the VR industry and how it will change the way people play games.

“Until You Fall” is a hack-and-slash game that puts you in the shoes of an eternal entity that has the ability to manipulate time. The game was created by developers who previously worked on “Call of Duty,” “Halo,” and “The Witcher.”

The till you fall oculus quest 2 is a free to download and play VR hack and slash game. Oculus Quest is the company that created it.

Until You Fall is a delightfully different approach to VR sword fighting, combining the fun of a hack-and-slash game with the complexity of RPG combat, all wrapped up in a VR-friendly design. The Quest port of the game is a near-perfect translation of the PC version, which benefits from the absence of a tether.



Until You Fall is a rogue-lite VR melee combat game in which you fight your way through chambers of adversaries until you die, only to rise stronger and more experienced in your next encounter.

Until You Fall offers a more abstract experience than a VR melee combat game like Blade & Sorcery, which is based only on physics. The ‘block’ and ‘combo’ indicators on the exterior may make the game seem arcade-like, but there’s a lot of complexity below. This method not only allows for meta-game strategy (such as which weapons you employ and how you use them), but it also enables the game to carefully manage the ‘tempo’ of fighting to make it both hard and rewarding without the sporadic funkiness that a pure-physics approach frequently brings.

But make no mistake: Until You Fall is a fast-paced game that will quickly have you sweating. Although establishing precise contact with the enemy’s hitbox for hits and blocks is more crucial than the overall gesture, you’ll still need to make strong swings in the correct areas and at the right time to succeed.

Each enemy’s “shield” meter must be shattered before you can begin cutting away at their health bar in Until You Fall. Both hitting opponents and blocking their assaults cause shield damage. Because they may attack you at any moment while their shield is up, you can get a few hits in here and there, but you’ll largely be on the defensive until their barrier is down. Once their barrier is damaged, it’s up to you to cause mayhem by swinging in the right direction for a succession of deadly strikes. Some opponents will die after a single combo set, while others may have to have their shields ripped down many times before succumbing—at least until you earn more strength.


Temporary improvements that you earn during the current run but vanish later, and permanent upgrades to your weapons that you purchase in the hub area between runs are the two types of advancement in Until You Fall. You may improve your weapons as well as buy new ones from a rather large selection. Rather than being exclusively defined by your measurements, your effectiveness is also influenced by the quality of your work.

Each weapon has its own set of characteristics, and picking which weapons to bring into combat is a huge problem since it may impact everything about how you play, from your overall fighting strategy to your swinging technique.

This is what makes Until You Fall’s battle so exciting. You could use a dagger as a blocking weapon since it’s light and fast, and an axe as an attacking weapon because it delivers a lot of damage in a single run. In the following run, you might combine a broadsword, which offers a decent balance of range and speed, with an amulet, which boosts stats but can’t be used to block. Alternatively, for speed, you might strike with two daggers and hope to acquire a mid-run upgrade that increases damage while switching blades.

I chose to block and combo with my broadsword during one of my better runs in the Quest version of Until You Fall since the mace is too sluggish for speedy blocks and the broadsword produces more health damage than shields. I got a number of mid-run upgrades that enhanced the shield damage caused by my mace, making it into a brute-force shield smasher that I would swing with abandon while focused on precision blocking and combos with my sword as I continued through the run.


There are lots more weapon pairings and battle strategy ideas to come up with, test, and perfect.

It takes some time to get your brain around all of the systems at work, and Until You Fall could need a bit more clarity in this regard. The variations between permanent and temporary weapon bonuses, player bonuses, weapon sockets, block damage, shield damage, and health damage will require some back-and-forth comparisons between menus and a few plays to figure out. To assist players grasp the underlying concepts quicker, the UI may be updated to make it apparent which upgrades are temporary and which are permanent (as well as whether the upgrade pertains to the player or the weapon). A fuller description of how each weapon’s “physical” weight impacts how quickly it travels might also help the game. This is an important issue to consider when picking your equipment and how you’ll use it.


Despite being a bit unclear at first, the meta-game elements are blended with exciting and hard moment-to-moment battling that will test your mettle and leave you wanting to squeeze in just one more run.

Runs begin simply enough, and after a few weapon upgrades, you’ll be slicing down fodder with a single stroke. However, with just a few non-regenerating hit points, every adversary is a threat. Overextending and being overconfident is the fastest way to lose a hitpoint, and you’ll blame yourself later when you have to skip a crucial mid-run weapon upgrade to regain your hit points.


Then there are the real adversaries. As you go through your run, you’ll come across Knights and Captains, both of whom are formidable foes. And just when you think you’ve mastered those fights, you’ll find yourself up against more powerful versions of your adversaries, who will have you on your tail in no time if you don’t keep up with their attacks. Until You Fall is defined by the thrill of narrowly escaping one of these grueling encounters with a single hit point.


Although there is some structure to your runs in Until You Fall, including a few boss encounters along the way, the game does not have a finish. There are constantly new weapon combinations and combat strategies to attempt, as well as more challenging problems to master, even after you’ve vanquished the most difficult opponent. However, I anticipate it will take around 10 hours for players to master the skills necessary to beat the final monster.



The PC version of Until You Fall for Quest is a superb port. The gameplay and aesthetics maintain their heart and soul, despite small cosmetic upgrades.

Although the ground texture could be better and the foliage has become sparse and chunky, the game’s most interesting objects—namely your hands, weapons, and upgrade crystals—retain an impressive amount of geometric detail and much of the lighting sheen that prevents them from looking “cardboard” like some Quest ports. In general, the game looks to look better in motion via the headset than in images, thanks to the clear and well-defined in-game graphics compared to certain games that employ blurry anti-aliasing (or lack it outright).


The game’s various particle effects have been tastefully updated with thicker, ribbon and pedal-like particles that go well in with the game’s distinctive neon graphic style.


Except for the tether, the Quest translation of Until You Fall leaves practically nothing out, owing to brilliantly adapted images, strong sound design, and superb music. The lack of a cable has little effect on the game, but it helps improve immersion by enabling you to turn your body to face adversaries without worrying about a cord twisting under your feet or interfering with your assaults.

The experience of immersing yourself in Until You Fall is predicated on how it feels rather than how it looks. Before a battle, squeezing both grip buttons to call your weapons into your hands—accompanied by a pleasant’shwiiinng’ sound—seems to never get old. It doesn’t hurt that the experience of skillfully slicing through a combo sequence while seeing the adversary fall in a ragdoll heap.

You may not feel threatened by the enemy’s blade’s exact geometric boundary, but there’s something to be said for a game where you automatically gauge the difficulties ahead of you while facing the game’s most challenging adversaries.

What’s here is, for the most part, well accomplished. In fact, Until You Fall is so effective that the largest flaw is what it lacks. The strategic complexity and instant gratification of the fighting system beg for a larger scale, a more dynamic environment, and a true storyline.


Until You Fall is an exciting game with a choice of comfort levels that is typically calming. Players are immediately invited to select between sitting and standing modes. Vignetting is switched on by default, although it may be disabled or decreased. For the purpose of immersion, I turned it off and was unaffected.


Although there is some smooth stick movement, it is kept sluggish since the game smartly brings enemies closer to you, encouraging you to block and dodge with your weapons and body movements rather than strafing about with a thumbstick. Dashing allows players to move around more rapidly, but it has a cooldown that limits how long they can use it.

Until You Fall may be a workout if you put your mind to it. Players may block any attack if they can get their hand into blocking position quickly enough, and the game rewards physical effort by increasing damage for wide swings. Dodging left/right and ducking are common occurrences, although the movement threshold is low enough that it may be done while sitting.


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The “until you fall psvr review” is a review of the Oculus Quest. The game is designed for people who are looking to get into virtual reality without spending too much money.

{“@context”:””,”@type”:”FAQPage”,”mainEntity”:[{“@type”:”Question”,”name”:”Is until you fall a good VR game?”,”acceptedAnswer”:{“@type”:”Answer”,”text”:”A: Yes, until you fall is a great VR game. Its one of the few games that works well with virtual reality headsets!”}},{“@type”:”Question”,”name”:”Is Oculus quest worth it 2021?”,”acceptedAnswer”:{“@type”:”Answer”,”text”:”A: Oculus Quest is not worth it until 2021.”}},{“@type”:”Question”,”name”:”How many hours of gameplay is until you fall?”,”acceptedAnswer”:{“@type”:”Answer”,”text”:”A: The average person would not be able to hold out for hours on end, but I can!”}}]}

Frequently Asked Questions

Is until you fall a good VR game?

A: Yes, until you fall is a great VR game. Its one of the few games that works well with virtual reality headsets!

Is Oculus quest worth it 2021?

A: Oculus Quest is not worth it until 2021.

How many hours of gameplay is until you fall?

A: The average person would not be able to hold out for hours on end, but I can!

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