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Sturm is the 2023/2024 Austrian Champion


The Austrian championship features many interesting teams. Additionally, young talents are starting to make their mark at a high level. With betting Mexico, you can bet on any match in this tournament worldwide.

The 2023/2024 season witnessed a real sensation in the Austrian league. For the first time in 10 years, Salzburg didn’t win the national championship gold. Before that, the RB system club was the true hegemon of the championship. And it’s easy to bet on all their matches with 1xBet Mexico.

In that campaign, Sturm Graz sensationally celebrated the championship. The team was two points ahead of Salzburg in the final standings.

Yes, Sturm was among the tournament favorites, but almost no one could predict that the team would be able to challenge the recognized favorite.


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Returning to Sturm, it should be noted that the key to the team’s championship was very reliable defense play. Throughout the season, the club only conceded 23 goals, significantly fewer than any of the competitors. Such well-coordinated defensive actions secured the team’s victory. It’s easy to follow their upcoming matches on 1xBet. Here, the team’s matches are covered in the Austrian championship and other tournaments.

The Main Factors Of Sturm’s Championship

The Sturm players were not under any unnecessary pressure. Therefore, they could play calmly and show their best football.


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The main factors of this club’s championship:

  1. Good understanding between the players. There were practically no mistakes or errors in the players’ actions.
  2. Successful play by the leaders. For example, Otar Kiteishvili can be highlighted. He made more than a dozen productive actions that season.
  3. Player motivation. Most of the Sturm players had not won trophies of this level.

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