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Movies Based on Games Are The Most Anticipated Titles


Where did it all start? With failures, of course, as most attempts in the movie industry. Hollywood often shows its severe face before letting in the close circle.

So, what was the path endured by movies based on games? What am I talking about – you could ask if you only knew about these fantastic new movies released in the last few years. But what about their predecessors? We will find out in the next few lines.

And, after that, we will look at the… drumroll, please!… the best movie adaptations of games.

Just a little bit of taste I brought you:

  • The Last of Us,
  • Arcane,
  • Uncharted,
  • The Super Mario Bros. Movie,

So, shall we start?

The Unfortunate Fate Of Movies Based On Games

For a long time, all of us would have thought that the video game adaptation genre seemed to be cursed. But now it looks like this was only the beginning of the story. Through the years, we have seen comic book adaptations, which have succeeded greatly.

So, why would Hollywood not see the huge opportunity lying in the adaptation of video games on the big screen of the cinema or on the TV screens?

But what if not just video games had a chance to be made a movie from, but online casino games too? I would like to see a movie about one of my favorite online slots or a game show.

We shall see what the future brings in that perspective, maybe about, for example, Lemon Casino, which is a fun and beloved online casino website. New adaptation projects are under work, but we have seen a lot of great movies and series of adaptations in the last few years.

Cool Adaptations Born in The Last Years

Well, that one is a tricky question, and the answer depends on how much you know about a video game at the moment of watching the movie based on it.

So, if we take this into consideration, we will find out, that this is so subjective. Maybe you do not even know the game that served as the basis of the movie, so you love the movie, and then the next day, your friend, who already knows the game, will tell you that the adaptation is really weak compared with the game.

Told you, that is a really subjective point there.


The Last of Us

After writing for the Chernobyl movie, this was another great decision for Craig Mazin. It is played in a world, or maybe what is left of it after a pandemic. The heroes’ dramas and the infected persons they fight with are the basis of the story and the game.


It is based on the hugely popular League of Legends game, but no one ever thought that it could turn into a such great series, like the one launched by Netflix. The popularity of the movie comes from the unparalleled animation, compelling story, and brilliant soundtracks.


Okay, we admit that the movie made in 2022 couldn’t reach the quality of the Uncharted games. But to see the half-full side of the glass, we got an entertaining, twisty action-adventure movie, just to make your Sunday afternoon perfect with the well-known actors and their witty dialogues and the great stunt work.


The Super Mario Bros. Movie

After the failure of the first attempts to make a movie out of their countless hit games, this year, The Super Mario Bros. Movie has brought us an easily enjoyable family film.