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How to Customize Right-Click Menu in Windows 11

Right-click menus are a staple of Windows. But all too often, they’re hard to find, or buried in an unnecessary submenu. Follow these steps to customize your right-click menu.

Right-clicking a file on your desktop opens it up in the default program. If you have many programs, and one of those is Adobe Photoshop, that means opening up Photoshop instead of Word by right clicking the document. Unfortunately this can be annoying when every time somebody grabs a different file to open it automatically with their favorite app! Thankfully there’s another option: customize your Right click menu so that only certain apps show up as options for each individual item.

The “windows 11 right-click menu bug” is a problem that has been present for a while. Microsoft has released a fix to the problem.

This post will teach you how to restore the old right-click context menu in Windows 11 (skipping the “Show additional choices”), as well as how to add and delete context menu items (customize what can or cannot appear in the right-click menu).

In Windows 11, you may restore the previous right-click menu.

One of the biggest changes in Windows 11 is the installation of a new layer of context menu on top of the previous context menu. Users will have to click on the Show more choices in the new context menu to open the old context menu, which adds an extra step to the process of accessing things that can only be accessible through the old context menu.

However, there is a solution in Windows 11 for removing the new context menu and restoring the old right-click menu. This is accomplished by creating a registry key in Windows. This is how you do it.


Caution: If done wrong, registry editing may cause major problems and even ruin your operating system. Making a complete backup of your Registry is strongly advised before making any changes. Proceed alone at your own risk.

1. Select Start from the Start menu. Open regedit or Registry Editor by searching for it.


2. Look for the following key. You may also navigate straight to the key by copying and pasting the following path into the Registry Editor.


3. Right-click the CLSID key in the left pane, choose New, then Key.


4. Rename the new key to something like this.



5. Right-click the new key and choose New > Key to add a new key underneath it.


6. Change the name of the newly created key to InprocServer32.


7. Select the newly formed InprocServer32 key. Double-click “Default” in the right pane. Click OK in the Edit string window without altering any values.


8. To see the changes take effect, close Registry Editor and restart your computer.

You may also sign out and back in without having to restart your computer for the changes to take effect. If you don’t want to sign out or restart, you may forcibly kill explorer.exe and launch it again using Task Manager.

Simply delete the 86ca1aa0-34aa-4e8b-a509-50c905bae2a2 key and reboot to cancel the modification and restore the new context menu.

In Windows 11, you may add or delete right-click menu options.

To control what may and cannot display in the right-click context menu, go to Settings > Right-Click Context Menu. You may achieve this on Windows 11 with the help of software that offers the necessary interface. In Windows, there is a lot of software that allows you to rapidly add or delete right-click menu items. Context Menu Made Simple or CCleaner are two programs that we suggest.

Easy Context Menu

As the name indicates, the Easy Context Menu is an exceptionally user-friendly interface that allows users to not only delete current context menu items, but also to add a range of helpful items and changes such as:

  • Shortcuts for changing users, logging off, shutting down, and restarting your computer
  • Snipping Tool, Sticky Notes, Task Manager, Command Prompt, and more shortcuts
  • Take ownership of a file or folder, delete it permanently, add or remove it from the Firewall, and more.

The Easy Context menu may be downloaded at the following URL.

Software Download Page

Extract the zip file and execute EcMenu x64.exe if you’re using Windows 11 64-bit, or EcMenu.exe if you’re running Windows 11 32-bit.

You may add as many things as you like to the right-click context menu in Windows 11 by simply activating the checkbox for the items you wish to add in the Easy Context Menu window.


Select Context Menu Cleaner to remove existing items from the right-click menu.


By unchecking the checkboxes for the things you wish to deactivate, you may remove any existing option from the right-click menu.



CCleaner is a multi-purpose cleaning software that allows users to clear the registry, stop undesirable starting programs, delete temporary files and cache, and more. It also has a feature that enables users to configure and control the right-click context menu options. It also works flawlessly on Windows 11.

CCleaner is available for download at the following URL. If you don’t want to install it, we suggest downloading the CCleaner Portable build (scroll down on the download page).

After downloading, unzip the file and execute the software. From the sidebar, click Tools, then Startup > Context Menu.


You can then disable any existing context menu item by clicking it and choosing Disable from the drop-down menu. Select the item and then Enable to re-enable a deactivated right-click menu option.

To make the modifications take effect, restart your computer.

In Windows 11, learn how to alter, add, and delete context menu items, as well as how to restore the previous right-click menu.

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The “context menu windows 11” is a feature that allows users to customize the right-click menu in Windows. Users can change what items appear on the context menu and even remove certain items from it.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get the old right click menu in Windows 11?

A: In Windows 11, the right click menu was removed. If you wish to have it back, please install this third party software in order to get your old control style back:

How do I customize the right click menu?

A: You can customize the right click menu by editing launch.json and changing values under rightclick.

Does Windows 11 have right click?

A: Windows 11 does not have a right click button. This is due to the fact that Microsoft did away with physical buttons on their operating system in favor of just touch screen controls.

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