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5+ best image vectorizer software for Windows 10 PCs

For those who are looking for a vector image editor, there are many choices to choose from. Here is a list of five software that can help you create an image with vectors.

This is a free and open-source vector graphics editor application with picture and text editing capabilities, as well as support for most graphic formats including SVG, PNG, WMF, and PDF, among many others.

This is the finest program for vectorizing pictures, whether you are an artist, designer, web designer, or just need to utilize vector images.

Different kinds of vector production are supported by Inkscape. You may draw freehand using basic pathways with the pencil tool, curves and straight lines with the pen tool, and calligraphy strokes with the calligraphy tool.

With shifting, scaling, and rotating capabilities, you may modify the items in your image. You may also align your pictures, operate with several layers, and group items.

Advanced node path choices are available in the program. You can manipulate nodes and Bezier handles, as well as transform objects and text to paths for advanced editing, path simplification, and bitmap tracing.

Let’s take a short look at some of its main features:

  • Alignment, rotation, and mirroring of the canvas
  • Pinch-to-zoom, Center, and Split View Mode are all available.
  • Toolset (Bézier Tool, Calligraphy, Circle, Measurement, and Pencil Tools, among others) is extensive.
  • Bar Controls with a Small Tool
  • Text selection has been improved, and variable font support has been added.
  • SVG Basic Support in OpenType

Inkscape is compatible with Windows PCs running Windows 7 or later. You may discover earlier versions of the program that support Windows Vista and Windows XP PCs if you wish to utilize it on an older version of the OS.

Obtain Inkscape.


Gravit Designer is a sophisticated software that caters to the requirements of all types of visual artists. It may be viewed from any desktop platform using a browser. If you download the shop version, it also functions without an Internet connection.

Vector generation is very precise using this program. You receive a variety of form tools, as well as straight and curve line tools, as well as the ability to turn text into editable vector paths. You may also make vector routes that are freeform.

Beginners will have no trouble using this software. It’s simple to use, with a simple user interface and no confusing options. The Gravit Designer team provides comprehensive online assistance. You can learn all you need to know about getting started with your designs by accessing different guides and tutorials.

In terms of hardware, it’s highly likely to suit any artist’s particular tastes. Gravit Designer is also compatible with pen devices and touchscreen devices such as tablets and computers with touch screens.

Preset canvas sizes are also available in Gravit Designer for a variety of design outputs, including social networking platforms, website dimensions, printed Amazon shirts, and more.

You also receive a variety of ready-to-use design elements, including as shapes, drawings, icons, stickers, and frames, that you can simply include and modify into your projects.

The Gravit cloud allows you to quickly access your work from different devices. You can store and sync your designs so you can work from anywhere. You can organize your artwork by category, create folders, and more.

Other notable characteristics include:

  • Smoothing of freeform vectors automatically
  • Object appearance settings may be dragged and dropped.
  • Border restrictions that are more advanced
  • Ends of a predefined line
  • Features for advanced picture editing

The free edition of Gravit Designer has certain restrictions, but it may be an excellent starting point. There’s also a PRO version with an annual fee and a 30-day money-back guarantee. 

Obtain Gravit Designer.

The vectorize image is a tool that allows users to convert images into vector objects. These vectors can then be edited and manipulated by other programs.

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