Personal and Academic Projects

github-icon Taylr - Personal Assistant for Interview Preparation

Python, Twilio, IBM Alchemy
Taylr was a winning hack my team built at HackBU 2017. It helps users horn their interview skills by helping them understand their mistakes and get better at interviewing. Enter some quick questions about the type of interview you’d like to test out, your name and phone number and get a call from Taylr, our interviewer. Taylr will ask you a set of questions which you will answer in real time. Following the interview, Taylr will send you a link to view a dashboard in a simple, sleek and responsive UI to view in-depth analytics about your speech and sentiment.

github-icon Konoha - Theme for Hugo

HTML, CSS, Markdown
Konoha is a minimalistic personal website theme for Hugo.

Open Source Contributions

github-icon Zulip - Open Source Group Chat

Go, Python
Zulip is a powerful open source team chat server. I’ve made a couple of contributions. I’ve integrated webhooks for Gogs which is a painless self-hosted Git service. I’ve also added a few Fixes to enable --strict-optional check when running mypy. Currently, I’m implementing Go bindings for Zulip API.

github-icon Razorpay Python SDK

Python bindings to Razorpay API (Official library of the company)

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