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Glitch, network, frame rate, crash

A glitch is a flaw in the software that causes unintended behavior. A network error is when the computer or device cannot communicate with other computers or devices on the same network. Frame rate refers to how many frames per second (FPS) a computer can display, and crash refers to when a program stops working properly.

The windows 10 update fps drop 2020 is a problem that has been present for a while. Microsoft has released 3 fixes to fix the issue.

Because we may apply customized patches and modifications on beloved titles, playing video games on a PC is frequently lot more enjoyable and diverse than playing them on a console. Computers, on the other hand, are much more complicated devices than consoles: for the same game, we may run into a variety of issues, all of which detract from the videogame experience when compared to a console (where the problems are much lower).

We’ve compiled a list of the most frequent PC game issues, along with explanations of how they arise and what we can do to solve them without having to purchase a new gaming machine or switching to consoles to play.

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Glitches and artifacts in the game’s visuals

When we see artifacts on the screen, we notice that parts of the scene are missing or our character is in places he shouldn’t be (like within a wall!). Most of the time, the issue is caused by an outdated video driver on our computer. Before criticizing the creators for the flaws they left open, it’s best to stop the game right away and update your visual card drivers using the links below:

We get the latest and most up-to-date driver for the video card in question and do a clean installation, removing the old driver before installing the new one. We may read our guidelines to discover more. Updated NVIDIA and AMD visual card drivers should be downloaded and installed. Updated Intel HD Graphics Video Card Drivers are available for download.

The ping is very high.

If we often play online games, ping is critical, since it only takes a few milliseconds for an input to become excessively sluggish relative to the command we wish to provide, making the game instantly more difficult than offline gaming. Connect (through Ethernet cable) a PC to the home modem with no other devices attached and access the TestVelocità site to test the ping of our network connection.


To play online without fear, our Internet line must have a ping of less than 40ms; if our line has greater values, we risk being swamped by players with the quickest connections (or positioned better than the server).

We set up the circumstances so that our Internet connection is always up and running while we play online: we switch off any other unnecessary devices on the network, enable the priority or Boot Game on the modem towards the gaming PC, and only utilize cables. To avoid using Wi-Fi as much as possible, use Ethernet to connect the gaming PC to the modem.

If the modem is too far away from the gaming PC, it’s best to move it closer or use other options like Powerline O WiFi Mesh, which still has a higher ping than connecting through Ethernet cable.

If, on the other hand, we suspect the issue is with the Windows firewall, we recommend optimizing it as described in our article Windows 10 Firewall: Setup and Reset.

The frame rate is too slow.

The first reason of a significant decrease in performance when playing is the use of too many graphic settings: certain games are so visually sophisticated that only strong video cards are needed to push the visual parameters to their limits. It is thus preferable to use lower graphics settings in order to achieve the best balance between visuals and frame execution speed. We’ve described the significance of graphics settings for video games and video cards to help you figure out which things to modify in the game menu.

If, on the other hand, we suspect that the operating system or applications are slowing down the game, we shut all background programs and activate game mode, as described in our guide Windows 10 in Game Mode to Improve Program and Game Performance.

On the screen, there is a tearing effect.

We may see a cut region in certain games, as if someone had chopped the scene in half at that exact place on the screen, during exciting moments or during fast visual changes. Tearing is an issue that may occur in almost any game and on any contemporary graphics hardware. Set a high frame rate (at least 60 FPS) and enable V-Sync mode in the game options to reduce its effect.

Alternatively, we may eliminate tearing by investing in a new monitor that supports NVIDIA G-Sync and AMD FreeSync, which are intended to synchronize the video card’s frequencies with the display’s frame rate. Read our post 60 Hz versus 120 Hz vs 144 Hz Monitors for more information. What are the distinctions?

The game unexpectedly crashed.

Even the greatest games and the most powerful PCs may crash from time to time, so we don’t have to panic right away if the game quits unexpectedly during execution. In the case of a crash, we recommend restarting your computer right away to eliminate any potential system-related reason (which is hard to interpret!).

If the crashes persist, or the game crashes after a few seconds of operation, we recommend that you update your video drivers, operating system, and any game updates and patches, as well as install all the programs and libraries required to play, as detailed in the Programs required on PC to play any game section.


We’ve suggested easy and quick remedies for every frequent problem with PC games, hardware allowing, so you may act right away and resume playing without additional issues. Always have this guide on hand and study it thoroughly if a PC game throws a fit or displays apparent symptoms of malfunction.

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