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5 Best Animation & GIF Maker Apps For iPhone & Android

With the best animation and GIF maker apps, you can create animated images on your phone. Here are five of the best apps to help you make your own animated images.

The animated movies are a type of video that has been around for a while. They have recently become more popular on social media platforms such as Instagram, Tumblr, and Snapchat.

You can see 5 of the finest animation and GIF creator applications for your iPhone and Android smartphone in this post. If you want to produce animated pictures, movies, or GIFs on your phone, you may use one of these helpful animation creator apps.

Apps to Make GIFs and Animations

1. Flipclip: Cartoon Animation Creator (iPhone & Android):

FlipClip is one of the finest smartphone applications for creating cartoon animations. The software includes simple tools for animating videos frame by frame.

If you’re a creative animator looking to animate your drawings, this app for iPhone or Android is a must-have. The software comes with a number of helpful tools for making cartoon animation videos.

You may also use major social media sites like YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook to share your masterpiece with the rest of the world.

The program has a variety of features, including an art sketching tool set, animation layer editing, video animation tools, audio editing, and the ability to create animated pictures and movies.


On your iPhone, get the FlipaClip animation app.

On Android, get the FlipaClip animation app.


Canva — Graphic Designer App With Animation Tool ( iPhone & Android):

Canva is a feature-rich graphic designer software that includes a wide range of picture and video editing capabilities, as well as animation tools.

You could try the Canva app on your phone if you want to make an animated picture or video with beautiful headlines and animation effects. The software includes a picture editor with effects, a video editor, an animation tool, a GIF creator, a sticker maker, a collage builder, and more.

You can quickly produce all kinds of graphic design jobs using Canva, including YouTube thumbnails and marketing videos.


On your iPhone, download the Canva design app.

On Android, get the Canva design app.


3. GIPHY — Gif, Animation, and Sticker Maker (iOS & Android):

GIPHY is the world’s biggest collection of animated GIFs and stickers. Despite the fact that this is not a completely functioning animation software, it may be used to discover various animated pictures and stickers.

With the assistance of GIPHY’s tools and filters, you can even make your own animated pictures and stickers. With the app, you can make animated stickers and GIFs with entertaining facial filters.


On your iPhone, get the GIPHY GIF creator app.

On Android, get the GIPHY GIF creator app.


4. Animation Text Creator- Animated Text Video Creator (Only for Android):

One of the finest animation tools for Android devices is the Animation Text Creator app. With many layers and animated words, the software has a lot of helpful animation production possibilities.

The software comes with over 500 pre-loaded animation templates that you may modify and adapt to fit your requirements. Many helpful animation tools are included in the program, including a voice-over option.


On Android, get the Animation Text Creator app.


5. PicsArt Animator: The Best Animation App (for iPhone and Android):

One of the finest animation applications for smartphone users, it allows you to quickly make animations and cartoons on your phone.

Despite the fact that the program hasn’t been updated in a while, it still includes some helpful animation features for creating GIF pictures and animated stickers. You may also create animated emojis, stickers, and art, then frame by frame animate your work.

The software allows you to sketch cartoons on your phone and helps you create animations using layers. You may even make animated selfies by drawing your own pictures. For smartphone users, this is a useful animation app.


On your iPhone, get the PicsArt animator app.

On Android, get the PicsArt animator app.

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